On Thin Ice

by LouisDup on September 6, 2017 - 5:45pm


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On Thin Ice


It is undeniable that winter sports are tightly linked to climate change. Canada’s culture and heritage is based off winter sports. Outdoor hockey, skiing, snowboarding, winter mountaineering  and much more play big roles in the lives of many people, especially those in Northern America. As climate change gets worse, it is causing warmer temperatures due to the carbon dioxide being trapped in the atmosphere. Due to this, frozen lakes have much thinner ice and the overall snowfall period is shorter. For example, the period of the ice cover in New England is twenty days shorter than it as fifty years ago. Furthermore, it is clear that we have already felt the effects of global warming close to home. In 2015, the weather in December was much higher than it was the previous years. We are already deep in the impacts of climate change, and if we don’t act soon, things will only get worse.


As of today, the future of our winter sports is not as bright as we would like it to be. The winter snow sports industry brings in roughly 60 billion dollars around the world. In Canada, the ski sector brings in about 139 million dollars per year To add to this, the winter tourism industry gives the economy of Canada approximately 5 billion dollars annually. Scientists predict that if we don’t reduce greenhouse gas emissions, outdoor skating rinks in Canada will be gone in the next twenty to thirty years. On top of this, the length of the outdoor skating season will shorten immensely. The winter brings in a lot of money to the economy, with a shorter winter, not only will the economy lose money, but many jobs will also be lost. Canadians look forward to winters because they are able to do things they can’t do during the rest of the year. Although there are some alternatives such as indoor centres, trying to develop ski on the sand, etc, these solutions are not always permanent and still change the whole meaning of winter sports.


In conclusion, global warming is affecting us in many aspects of our lives. We have all the information and proof that what we are doing to the planet is impacting us negatively. Even with the proof, we are still ignoring the effects of climate change. Unfortunately we do not have a lot of time to change what is already done, but we can find ways to ensure that our kids can experience what we are privileged enough to experience today.





David Suzuki “Just Cool It”




Hi Louis,

I would first like to start by saying that I am happy to see that you are as concerned with this problem as I am. I also believe that we are very negatively affected by global warming. However, I believe that there are little things that could be done and would end up bringing a lot more credibility to your article. The first improvement I would like to suggest is your sources. The numbers and data you brought up are really good, but as a reader, I am having a hard time finding who said what and where you took these numbers. In addition, I realized that one of your source dates from 2009, we are in 2017 and things have changed a lot since then. Also, after taking a look at the links you posted at the bottom of your article, I realized that they are interesting, but on the other hand, I argue that they are outdated.
I did a little bit of research on my side and I would like to bring your attention to NASA’s informative and interactive website on climate change ( https://climate.nasa.gov/ ). I believe that this website would have been a good way to bring up credibility to your article by having information publicized by governments and scientists.

In conclusion, I want to tell you that I like what you wrote and I encourage you to post some more, I would only try to do some in-text citations and do deeper research on the sources you use.

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