Reducing Consumption

by tristangn366 on November 2, 2017 - 4:10pm

Since the 1960’s the consumption of food has increased significantly. In the 1960’s  the average food consumption rate was of 2358 cal/day per capita. Today the average is 2940 cal/day per capita. It is expected to raise to 3050 cal/day by the year 2030. Also changes in the food we eat has increased food consumption. As the world changed from roots and tubers to livestock and vegetable oils, we see the daily food intake increase. This increase was caused by big food chains creating cheap products that attracted consumers. These products were filled with preservatives, hormones and artificial flavours. To decrease this consumption we should invest in naturally produced food. A good example of this would be to invest in local farming. Not only do consumers get a healthy source of food but they also get to increase the local economy and help boost local companies.