Texting and Driving Fatalities can be prevented

by bwodr1 on February 17, 2014 - 10:16pm

This article suggests that fatalities related to distracted drivers and vehicle motor accidents can be preventable.  There are three different types of distractions that can occur while driving. These types of distractions include visual (physically taking your eyes off the road) manual (adjusting the radio), and cognitive (thinking about a personal or professional issue taking away from concentrating on driving) (Harvard 2012). With all of these distractions researchers argue texting while driving is becoming a more serious problem every year in relation to fatalities in motor vehicle accidents. Statistically the more cell phone subscriptions purchased there is a direct relationship in number of distracted drivers on the road (Harvard 2012). Between drunk driving and talking on the phone the author suggest that texting can be the most harmful distraction there is. While someone is texting all of their attention is diverted from the road to the phone, all your visual, manual and cognitive abilities are completely diminished. This article focused on different studies done comparing drunk driving and talking on the phone and found texting is undeniably the most harmful way of driving and is 23 times more likely to crash then non-distracted drivers.

The author proves the three types of distractions if hindered can really affect one’s ability to drive and hurt themselves or put others at risk. The most prominent problem is texting being that it is the most distracting action while driving as well as an increasing problem with the increasing technology of smartphones and gps devices being used while driving.


Harvard Men's Health Watch. May2012, Vol. 16 Issue 10, p6-7. 2p.



I totally agree with the point you are making, texting in dangerous. We need to do more advertising to make drivers more aware of the dangers of being distracted in back of the wheel. I also think that passengers have a role to play in the safety of the car. Here is what the police here in Montreal are doing about it.

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