Family Values Causing Problems in Developmental Stages of Children

by mobraitis14 on April 14, 2014 - 8:41pm


Positive family communication and supportive family relationships are key in the developmental stages in early adolescence. Research done by Barbra D. Hillaker, Holly E. Brophy-Herb, Francisco A. Villarruel and Bruce E. Haas is proving this statement true. She conducted a study to examine the parenting processes as individual predictors, the interactions between parenting process, and the interactions between parenting processes at different points in early adolescence. The method used to collect data was a survey sent out to sixth, seventh, and eight grade students in several school districts in the past decade. The survey was designed to asses a number of developmental assets and risk behaviors. The results were based on categories made, such as, positive family communication, supportive family relationships, maintaining standards, and social competencies (Hillaker 2008). The major point in this research journal was to determine if in fact a positive family outlook and values based on parenting styles do make a difference in the growing up of adolescence. The results supported the hypothesis that maintaining standards, supportive family relationships and positive family communication do contribute a lot to the development of social competencies and positive values. The one thing that stuck out in the results was that positive values were not affected by grade level; instead older adolescents perceived lower level of parenting processes.

            This is a very intriguing topic to me because parenting is a huge part of growing up. These days you are lucky if your parents actually stay together by the time you graduate high school. It is sad to see some parents not interacting with their children and not doing their job as parents. It is so crucial to set a good example for your children and be a part of their lives. This study proves this, it is necessary during adolescence for your parents to be there setting an example for you and not letting you as a child go down the wrong path. This article states clearly in the results that having parental guidance and strong values will help your children develop these values set forth by the parents in early adolescence.  As a child you are pushed into peer pressure and are trying to figure out who you are and you need parents in your life to help you out along the way. You need positive family communication and supportive family relationships to have those positive values that are necessary to growing up. Coming from a family where my parents have stayed together and have put a strong impact on values and teaching me right from wrong during my early adolescence, I strongly agree with this study. The research states that the youth’s perceptions of these parenting processes may decline over time but the effects of the processes on youth development do not (Hillaker 2008). As the children grow up they may perceive things in a different way, but the values set by the parents will not.