Teens, Tans and Truth

by rbrad44 on September 13, 2013 - 8:10pm

There are always two sides of a story. Tanning is one of those. You have the ITA (Indoor Tanning Association) battling the medical professionals on the stance on whether or not tanning is good for you. The ITA is claiming that since cancer is related to lows levels of Vitamin D in the body, tanning in beds and outdoors is good for you since it exposes you to those needed minerals. On the other hand, medical personnel say that the darker one's skin is, the slower the body obtains Vitamin D. The ITA is just trying to gain more money and more customers, they aren't concerned with anyone's health or well-being.

This article is very powerful because it opens up the two sides of the story and also shows the issue of teenagers not caring about the warnings of tanning. It is usually young girls who make use of tanning beds and let the warnings fade away because they don't matter to them. Tanning puts people at such a high risk for the most diagnosed cancer. How isn't this enough of a warning to people? The article talks about the physical effects that tanning does to you like the aging and wrinkling of skin. Should the new anti-tanning campaigns use pictures of leather-y people then instead of haunting people with the chance of cancer? I will admit, I went tanning during high school for my multiple school dances. It relaxed me so much that I couldn't help but want to go back for more. I was one of those people who weren't taunted by the cancer fears, I felt like it wouldn't happen to me. But now that I think about it, the physical side effects being talked about freak me out even more, as messed up as that sounds. I don't want to be one of those people who look like a leather chair instead of a human being. So, maybe this should be the approach to stop teenage tanning.


Wingert, P., Springen, K., Stone, D., Elkins, S. (2008, May). Teens, Tans and Truths. Newsweek, 151, 42-43.


How can indoor tanning be so popular amongst young women? How can it seem so interesting even though they know it is dangerous in reality? In my opinion, our society vehicles materialistic and superficial values to youth. In fact, tanning is directly related to this "perfect image" mentality. The fashion world exercises a strong pressure on young women. Actually, most teenage girls are concerned and even depressed about what they see in the mirror. They want to be beautiful and flawless to look just like the models on TV or in magazines. They are ready to do anything to achieve their goal of having that "perfect body". Unfortunately, I am not an exception. In the end, I think girls have to rise up and tell themselves "I am naturally beautiful".

I chose this post to respond to because I have gone tanning in tanning beds and have had to sign the forms warning about the harms of tanning and have not thought twice doing so. My friends and I would go tanning indoors all the time; it was almost outside of our group’s norm to not be very tan by the middle of spring. I know that tanning is not good for you, but do not agree that it should be band, it is a choice for someone to get into a tanning bed or booth and they are fully aware of the possible risks when they do. I think your post was very good overall, I liked the fact that you were able to admit to having used tanning beds in high school as well and that this article may have changed your opinion of them. I thought that your writing style was smooth and not formal or choppy to read.

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