Teens and Hooking Up

by stroj 1 on October 21, 2013 - 7:20pm


The problems addressed in the article “Hook-up Sexual Experiences and Problem Behaviors Among Adolescents” aim to find out more about how often sexual interactions are among teens in middle/ high school and how that relates to behavior problems and use of alcohol, drugs. To find out information on this topic the researchers conducted a cross- sectional web-based self-administered survey of students from the grades 5th-12th with a wide variety of race and economic classes. The results and findings of this research were that hook ups are very common among adolescents with the rate increasing with age. They suggest in this study that because of social norms and how often teens talk about hook ups, it may affect how often their sexual interactions occur. Also they found that behavior problems are not always associated with sexual activity. However, a teen with poor parental supervision, mischievous friends and that misbehaves often will be more likely to engage in hook ups.

This article did a good job in finding relevant information in relation to its purpose. The research purposes were clearly stated in the abstract and introduction by saying that they were trying to find the amount of sexual interactions in teens and its relation to bad behavior and actions. Related purposes were explained clearly and were obviously related but not the main goals of the study. For example they talked about how social norms influence sexual behavior even thought that wasn’t a main goal. All segments of the research were related to the purpose in that the questions asked were all about sexual experience, uses of drugs/alcohol, grades, and other behaviors. They stated the results from each section related including, race, hook up experiences, substance use, gambling, and delinquency/truancy. This articles goal was realistic and significant due to teen’s behaviors in society today.



APA Reference:

Fortunato, L., Young, A. M., Boyd, C. J., & Fons, C. E. (2010). Hook-Up Sexual Experiences and Problem Behaviors Among Adolescents. Journal Of Child & Adolescent Substance Abuse, 19(3), 261-278.

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