Teenage Binge Drinking

by Omill3 on September 12, 2013 - 8:08pm

Olivia Miller Sociology 100
September 12, 2013 Professor Kaldor

In the article “15 Shots Killed Shelby Allen” written by Andrea Todd an issue is presented towards the teenage population and their binge drinking. In this article a seventeen year old Shelby Allen went to a friend’s house at the beginning of Christmas vacation set out to accomplish a goal. You may ask what her goal was. Shelby Allen’s goal that night was to drink fifteen shots of vodka and still be standing. She went to a friend’s house where her friend’s parents were “supervising” and began to drink. In a matter of an hour Shelby had conquered her goal. Fifteen shots were down and she was barely able to stand on her own. Her friends took her into the bathroom where they proceeded to try and help her vomit and feel better. Many texts were sent during the course of the night off of Shelby’s phones from her friends trying to get help from others. The next morning Shelby’s friends went into the bathroom to see how she was doing and the found her leaning over the toilet with a gash on her lip and blood in the toilet from her throwing up so hard that she hit the toilets edge. They proceeded by shaking her calling her name and trying to get her to wake up. Shelby was dead. What was considered the “safe house” to drink at where the parents where there supervising and making sure no one drove home was now a place where a young girl with her whole life ahead of her carelessly died. This article exams the issue that arises from excessive drinking in teenagers. Teenagers drink to get drunk says Frances M. Harding director for Substance Abuse Prevention. This is the issue that comes to hand.
If a teenager is at a party where adults are hosting it, there should be some sense of control and safety there. Adults have a responsibility to take care of younger beings. Teenagers sometimes may not be able to make their own decisions especially if they are under the influence. The adults at that party should have taken care of Shelby; they most definitely could have stopped this tragic death from happening. The parents should have stopped her from drinking way before she got to fifteen shots and the alcohol got out of hand. Even if they had not stopped it they should have been paying attention to her and when they saw that she was vomiting and shaking they should have called emergency squads then. They were wrong in every sense for turning a blind eye to this situation. They now have to live everyday with the regret of their actions taken that night. This article is very important for everyone to read, parents, teenagers, and young adults. This information cannot be stressed enough. Teenagers: take care of yourself don’t let yourself get to the point where you are black out drunk. Adults: take care of teenagers get them the help they need, you will have to deal with more consequences if you don’t help them than if you do. This whole situation could have been avoided, and my hope is that this article summary will help people to fully understand what they may be getting themselves into and how to better react in certain situations as this one. Be smart. Drink responsibly.

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