Technology and kids: a BIG problem

by jsull5 on September 13, 2013 - 6:46pm


            In Diana D. Coyl’s magazine article “Kids Really Are Different These Days” she enlightens the reader about the dramatic effects that obesity due to technology has on the United States. Although technology has improved and simplified life in many cases it also makes a nation less active. Technology reveals it’s negative side effects especially among children in elementary school where the rates of obesity are the most unfortunate. For every five children there is one obese child, which is about 12.5 million children nation wide. Obesity can eventually lead to unfortunate health problems such as type II diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and sleep apnea.  Also, for children who are developing, it is hard to face the reality of being obese. Obesity is a main source to self-esteem issues among children. Self-esteem issues can start dramatic habits such as anorexia, anxiety, and depression. Technology makes it easy for a developing child to stay in and play computer games rather than using their imagination and being active with friends outside. A child would rather stay in doors and watch a favorite T.V. show rather than go to the park to play a baseball game. This article concludes that technology is negatively affecting children because it takes away from an active lifestyle that can eventually lead to serious health problems.

            This article was eye opening regarding the serious problems that obesity is unleashing on our nation because children have become so technologically dependent. A positive correlation reveals that as technology advances so does children’s weight. Obesity not only affects a child’s health and physical future but also emotional future. A child can develop self-esteem issues and experience bullying due to being obese. Fortunately, what this article does not discuss, are the measures being taken to over come the obesity crisis. For example Michelle Obama has made it her personal mission to decrease he obesity rate in the United States. She does this with her “get active” campaign which encourages kids to turn out off the T.V. and go out to play. It is important to take this article seriously in order to eliminate this problem and hopefully, one day, conquer obesity.

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