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by kdunl2 on October 28, 2013 - 12:37am

The article I read was "HOOKING UP Hot Hetero Sex or the New Numb Normative?" by Rachel Kalish and Michael Kimmel.  A study conducted through a life survey showed that to many college students hooking up includes:

61% kissing

51% non-genital touching

38% manual stimulation of the genitals

24% oral sex but not intercourse

23% intercourse

They also concluded that a little less than half have said that they’ve never participated in hooking up while a little less than a third admit to hooking up ten times or more. A lot of young people like to believe that the hooking up is "spontaneous". In reality however, it’s not the act of hooking up that is spontaneous it’s just who the person is you end up hooking up with. Young people also like to use alcohol as a form of excuse for their behavior. Their more likely to say "I was so drunk last night", rather than admitting that they just wanted to hook up. In conclusion, it is clear that hooking up has become the new normative within college campuses. Hooking up is viewed as a distraction from school work that doesn’t require as much time and effort as relationships.

There are many assumption within the article "HOOKING UP Hot Hetero Sex or the New Numb Normative?" by Rachel Kalish and Michael Kimmel. The authors say that men and women view hooking up in different ways. That women view it as a way to manage to get into a relationship with a man and men look at it as a way to avoid one. This is an assumption however because there is no proof that all women or all men think like this. Society however has instilled in us that men are way less emotional then women and that women are the ones who desire commitment. This shapes the researchers point of view, mainly because as a result there is a major difference throughout the article as to how women and men deal with hooking up.


I think this article is interesting, I do agree mostly like you said that women view hooking up as more of a way to get into a relationship, whereas men view hooking up to avoid the relationship. I think for most people especially in our society and in college that is accurate. I was interested to see that most college students viewed hooking up as consisted mostly of non-genital touching and kissing, I was expecting to see that hooking up in college students was mostly intercourse. I am glad that intercourse is only 23 percent, but I was expecting that percentage to be higher. I do agree with you that students will use the excuse that they were so drunk last night, either way you hooked up with the person. I see that students use alcohol as an excuse, or an opportunity to welcome a hook up compared to if a student was sober. I also agree that a hookup is a lot less stress and work compared to a relationship. I don’t know if I agree that a hookup is a distraction from schoolwork only because most hooking up occurs at parties or after school when people are not going to be doing work any ways. This is a very interesting article I liked it.

I agree with you and what the author's of the article have to say because i feel that in a way i understand what they're trying to explain. I found some of your statements to be interesting, for example the fact that the kissing percentage (61%) is higher than the actual intercourse percentage itself (23%). In my opinion i would of thought that the percentage of intercourse would be the highest yet its the lowest. just because of the simple fact that kissing normally leads to intercourse, or at least that's what i thought. Being that i'm in college right now i know of a lot of students who have "hooked up" with one another and its similar to what the author's were saying. That the females hook up expecting a relationship afterwards and the males are just looking for a quick "hook up".

I like the concept you brought up in this article. It seems to be an increasing trend happening around the US on college campuses. In my hometown hooking up seems to become more popular among teenagers each year. It seems my friends hook up with different girls every couple months. I also like how you say people use the excuse of “I was so drunk last night”. That seems to be a real big excuse around my hometown. I think its people have no self-control and go crazy the first chance they get. My friends also use this excuse to hook up with people. To me hooking up is all right to do. If both people want the same thing then I see no problem with it.

I agree with you 100%. Hooking up is becoming a big trend now a days. I also agree with you when you said that hooking up is a way for women to get into a relationship and for men to get out of one. I have several girlfriends that have done just that. they would "hookup" with a guys when they are supposedly drunk in the hopes that guy would later have feelings for them and that is not the case. Most of the time the girls never hears from the guys again. In my opinion hooking up is alright to do as long as both people make it clear that that is all they want, and it is consensual of course! Sadly though, hooking up is becoming a bigger trend in high schools too, especially in my former high school. We have had several unwanted and unplanned teen pregnancy in my former high school due to hooking up. i do not think hooking up is alright at such a young age and people should be older and more mature. Your article was nicely written and expressed very well expressed and it seems that we share a lot of the same opinions.

I think this article is very interesting as well. It is true that hooking up is common among college students because it’s an experimental time and it is convenient. And I also agree with the fact that it is a common assumption that men have less of an emotional approach to hooking up than women do. I feel as though this is an unfair assumption for the authors of this article to make. There are many instances when men could be more emotional than women within a situation like this. This in a way supports the heteronormative society that we live in in that men are supposed to be emotionless when it comes to sex whereas women are supposed to be more emotionally attached. Hooking up is a matter of personal decision and value and shouldn’t be judged or predicted based on societal expectations. I know plenty of women that have no emotional attachments when talking about hooking up as well as men who prefer not to because they know they will become too emotionally attached. It is a matter of personal preference.

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