Sexual Abuse: How Can Someone Survive

by aschm4 on October 31, 2013 - 2:13pm

This article speaks about childhood sexual abuse and how traumatizing it can be when a person becomes older. There are many ways to cope with sexual abuse such as, talking to an outsider, such as a therapist, about the traumatic event, go to therapy as a couple which is suggested for couples that were both sexually abused when they were younger, and a sort of reenactment of the event with a therapist.  Victims of childhood sexual abuse can deny the whole event even happened. This can cause a victim not to be able to move on. People tend to blame their partner for problems in the relationship which was really due to the sexual traumatic event. The sexually abused person can have a hard time having a successful relationship. It can be even harder to become sexually involved, which can put more strain on the relationship.  Sexual abuse as a child is truly traumatizing for victims and sadly happens in the world. People try to find ways to cope with it, but the victim can never truly escape it. The victim can only move on and go forward.

            This article is about how childhood abuse affects the victim’s everyday life. These tragic events can be hard to move on from. This trauma can cause relationships to be abusive and unsafe. These traumatic events can make it hard to make friends. This is shown in the article as follows, stated by the narrator, “I asked Iris when she had begun to notice the effect on her life of what had happened to her in childhood. Iris said that as early as age 11 she had realized she preferred to be alone, and made fewer and fewer friends. When she did meet friends, she would not completely ‘be there,’ but rather would dissociate to a certain extent. ‘[I would] respond to a girlfriend but be in another world…over the years, the ability to dissociate myself became an art’” (Nasim & Nadan 2013). This is a great example to show how sexual abuse can drastically change a person’s life. The person feels it is hard to connect with another. When one is a victim of childhood sexual abuse the other member of the relationship cannot see why it is so hard for the victim to move on from the event. This can be represented by this statement stated by the author, “For example, Dan (28) and Iris (26), a victim of incest by her brother in childhood, came for couple’s therapy when Iris began to have strong feelings that Dan did not understand and even blamed her for letting the abuse concern her so much. From the first session, it was clear that Dan and Iris had a good bond but that the trauma, some of which was not acknowledged or discussed between them, was having a huge effect on their relationship” (Nasim & Nadan 2013). This can be present in many relationships. It can be hard to get over this bump, but with hard work the partner can understand and help the victim. This article had such deepness to it that it was great to see in such a logical article.

Nasim, R., & Nadan, Y. (2013). Couples Therapy with Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors (CSA) and their Partners: Establishing a Context for Witnessing. Family Process, 52(3), 368-377. doi:10.1111/famp.12026


The topic of Sexual Abuse is very interesting to learn about. The article you have chosen seems very credible. The website "" has a variety of different types of sexual abuse that they list to specialize as much as possible. Not all experiences are the same, they are unique for every victim but most outcomes can be linked as similar. The following is a detailed document that mentions the long-term effects of child sexual abuse. The article does focus more on children and abuse as opposed to adults however, page four offers a section on "Counseling Implications". I think it is absolutely beneficial for sexually assaulted victims to seek counseling because keeping said events bottle up or hidden and ignored, like you mentioned, can have a negative impact on their relationships. Link:

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