Self Induced Abortion

by rcase3 on September 13, 2013 - 5:52pm

                     Abortion is a sensitive subject to many women. The article "The Rise of DIY Abortions" by Ada Calhoun shares the story of a young women named Jennie Linn McCormack. McCormack had already had three children by the age of 30 and  with three different fathers (her first child was at the age of 14). She then found a new boyfriend and became pregnant soon later. Her boyfriend took her and paid for her abortion but she became pregnant again soon after. This time her boyfriend was in jail. With no source of income, McCormack had no way of paying for the $400 to $2,000 abortion. She then took matters into her own hands and ordered abortion pills online. By the time she took the pills, McCormack was already five months pregnant. Later she gave birth to a fetus and even the placenta. The story had gotten out to the police and she was charged for terminating pregnancy too late which is concidered murder. After the members of her town and church didn't accept her for what she had done. Abortion can have a real emotional effect of women.

                    The article give a lot of information and examples of self induced abortions. The most useful part of the article was the personal story of Jennie Linn McCormack. It really gave a good perspective on how abortion can really affect someone. It was also very interesting to here all the other methods of self induced abortion. Since abortion was not legalized until 1973, women would instert knitting needles and other sharp objects into their cervixes. The article does a real good job in showing some of the extremes women would go to terminant their prenancy. This would also cause longer term damage to them.


Calhoun, A. (2012). New Republic: The Rider of DIY Abortions. 243, 14-17.




This ethical issue has definitely been going on longer than I have been alive, but in my life I have heard a lot about abortions in the media and in the movies. It is interesting to note that the point at which an abortion turns into a murder is quite vague. Some people believe any abortion at all is murder whilst others think the fetus becomes a baby when the heart starts takes its first beat. This leaves this whole discussion up to opinion. A deontologist might have trouble getting a good argument in this case because of the grey zone regarding whether or not abortion is considered murder.

Coincidence! I happened to make a post about this article as well, and still find it absurd on the fact of the length of time the topic stayed in the court system ultimately allowing this single case to be changing factor in the United States. The fact that there is a certain point in time where the fetus is consider living while still in the womb is compelling, and will continue to be a topic not only among those in the medical field but the common people in society as well. One thing I enjoyed about this article was the extensive detail that was given by the author on the Mccormack. It allowed the reader to really be in depth with her story without leaving out much facts.

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