The Rise of DIY Abortions

by tibez1 on September 13, 2013 - 9:33pm

Biologically speaking, life begins at conception. So taking a life before that person is able to partake in its first sight of the world is considered murder. But due to the way the United States laws are arranged, the amount of time that has passed since the day of your pregnancy determines whether or not the female is eligible for an abortion. One of the reason’s pregnant woman opt out of receiving one is because of the price attached to the procedure. Out of desperation, one may begin to find other ways to get rid of their pregnancy; take Jennie Linn McCormack for example, the individual named in the article. McCormack was in her mid-twenties when she first obtained her abortion pills and immediately began taking them upon arrival. Later on, she began to acquire cramps and finally delivered the dead child along with the placenta the next morning on Christmas Eve. Instead of disposing the fetus, she kept it until it began to emit odor and then higher forces were notified. Because the police were notified about this issue, she was charged in May of 2011. This case became popularly known, having the ability to change the way abortion is viewed throughout the United States.

Personally, I wasn’t shocked at all when reading this article. In today’s society, it is very easy to obtain almost anything through the internet with the minimum amount of money attached to it to provide the same treatment one can receive in the clinic or hospital. Calhoun’s article fortunately was very detailed with explaining when and why she performed the actions she did during her years of struggle with her personal life and experience with the legal and court system. Ethically, I believe her issue with the law in Idaho shouldn’t have been broadcasted throughout the entire country simply because of the privacy aspect of the entire matter. As of right now, abortion is still a touchy topic as to why it should be allowed in the United State. Along with the fact that biologically speaking, killing a fetus is still considered murder. What are your views on the topic?,0


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You bring up a good point that almost anything can be bought and sold over the internet, including abortion pills. I personally am not Pro-Life but I also don't believe in killing a child, born or not, just because you legally can. I feel that the choice should be up to the parent and not the government because sometimes the parents cannot properly take care of the child or know there will be some birth defect. I don't believe in bringing a child into this world knowing it won't live life to the fullest of it's capabilities. In this woman's case for example, I feel like she did what she had to do and that shouldn't be broadcast over everyone's news channel just because the government said that was wrong to do on her part. It is sad that if she had just a little bit more money to pay for a proper procedure to be done, then her neighbors and everyone else across the country wouldn't of found out about what she did.

The title of your article is what caught my eye. I was not aware that do it yourself abortions still occur in today’s society. I was also surprised that abortions were so expensive, but then I guess that is why some people would choose to find a second option. I agree that the way Jennie Linn McCormack got her abortion pills is not surprising with the easy access of the Internet and all the sketchy websites. The way McCormack handled her situation probably was not the best option but it was not fair that her story was brought to the public. I think the government focuses too much on abortion when there are bigger issues to deal with. I really feel that the only way one can make a big decision, such as whether to abort a pregnancy, is if she is in that situation. Unless you are in that situation it is hard to know what you would do.

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