Reasons why Women Have Abortions

by shannonnye1 on November 5, 2013 - 12:41pm

Antonia Biggs & colleagues (2013) constructed and analyzed the results of a study determining reasons why women have abortions. During this study they interviewed  954 women from all over the United States. These women were placed in an exam room for 40 minutes and asked one question, for what reason did they decide to have an abortion? Many women found it hard to identify one solid reason for making the choice that they did. They often provided multiple reasons. When analyzing the data gathered they found there was a wide range of answers given. 40% of the women interviewed stated that they had chose to have an abortion due to financial reasons, where 36% of the women said that it was simply not the right time to have a child. 31% of the respondents claimed they had aborted their child because of partner related reasons. Many of the women felt that a child would interfere with their future opportunities or with their interaction with their other children. Others stated they were not emotionally or mentally prepared and they wanted a better life for the child than they could provide. This article informed to the public that women choose to abort their child due to their own circumstances. These circumstances can range from age, health, marital status, financial status, or living environment.

Abortion has been a worldwide debate and social problem existing for many years. I feel that abortion is morally inacceptable. I feel that the one and only time a woman should be able to abort a child is if the woman was raped or if delivering the child would cause harm to the woman. The authors of this article state they conducted this study for better understanding of women’s decisions to abort a child. They feel that understanding the reasons in which the women aborted the child will allow us to better support these women and provide them with the resources they may need. I strongly disagree. I feel this article did provide answers for why women made the decision they did, however I feel the article left many unanswered questions. Understanding why these women aborted their child does not allow me to better support them, it only allows me to question them more. In my opinion all of the answers provided by the women were inacceptable. If you make the mistake of conceiving a child when you are not ready then you should have to take responsibility for your actions. There is always a better option than abortion, that is adoption. There are so many families in the world that are unable to conceive a child and would be willing to give your child an excellent home. Many women interviewed in this article stated they were not financially ready for a child however there are other families in the world that are. I fully understand why these women felt it would not be in the best interest of the child for them to parent them, however they could have given the child up for adoption. I find it discouraging to analyze the responses given by these women. I find it extremely selfish that because of their own circumstances they decided to not give the child the life they should have been given.



Biggs, M., Gould, H., & Foster, D. (2013). Understanding why women seek abortions in the US. BMC Women's Health, 13(1), 1-13. doi:10.1186/1472-6874-13-29


I agree with you on this article when you said that abortion is wrong and should only be allowed if someone was raped or having the baby would cause harm to the mother. Adoption is always a good alternative because you were right when you said that it would give couples a chance to have a family when they aren’t able to conceive a baby on their own. Everyone should be accountable for their actions. To a point I see how the other women find their reasons valid for aborting the pregnancy. In my community it isn’t very common for women have abortions. There are a lot of young women (some in high school) that have children. They obviously didn’t plan to get pregnant but all of then decided to keep their baby and take responsibility for it. Surprisingly I haven’t heard of someone having an abortion. Teenagers and young adults are known for always taking the easy way out and this hasn’t happened in my community.

I fully agree with what you’ve said here. Abortion is a very difficult decision to make one way or the other, so I hesitate to condemn women who make this decision, but even still, I do believe as you said that it is morally wrong. It is taking the life of another person and as such, I would even take what you expressed one step further. You said the only time abortion was acceptable was when the child was conceived out of rape; but even then, how is it that we justify killing an unborn baby for the crime of its father?
A lot of times, this issue is closely tied to differences in religious beliefs, so I would like to say that I am against abortion despite not identifying with any sort of religion.
However, having said all this, I must admit I was a bit surprised after reading your title and first paragraph at the firmly negative stance you took on the subject in the second paragraph. It seemed like there was a major shift in the focus of your post from the first paragraph to the second paragraph. The first was about the study and, as indicated by the title, the reasons women have abortions, while the second seemed to be more about the moral implications of abortion. Parts of your second paragraph did tie back to the original focus and the findings of the study (such as how you felt that the data did not measure what it claimed to) and I think your post would have been just a little stronger had you done more of this. Overall, good work! Really made me wanna read the original article.

This is an awesome post! You did a great job of summarizing the article. You gave a lot of data and statistics that is important for the reader. I think that abortion is a very interesting subject and many people were curious after reading your title, I know I was. I agree with your opinion because I've known people in my hometown that have gotten abortions and I do believe as well as you do that you are responsible for your actions. There are so many things that can prevent pregnancy and if you are in a bad financial position, don't want children, or some other reason then it CAN be prevented. Abortions are a very controversial subject and I think you did a great job of stating your opinion without being too harsh. Good job!

This is a very controversial topic, which I think you discussed very well. I found the statistics that you stated to be very interesting. As I assumed, being in an unstable financial situation was a main reason for choosing abortion. I believe that not being able to afford a child is a valid enough reason to give it up. Why bring a child into this world unless you can give it the best life possible? Yes, I understand that you would be “killing” an unborn child but usually the child is aborted when it is not anywhere near developed. I am not against abortion at all, but I would be against aborting a child at 3 months because by that time you should have already known if you wanted to keep the child or not. I agree with you on the whole situation of rape, that is completely understandable, because who would want a life long reminder of a horrible memory? Although in this day and age there should be no reason for accidental pregnancies due to all the forms of contraceptive. I am strongly against teen pregnancies. I get that it is the person’s fault for getting pregnant, but how can you let a child have a child? I do not think it is wrong of you to be against abortion because you have many valid reasons to back yourself up! This is just a very touchy subject and I do not think people should be judged for having abortions.

I have always agreed with your argument that women should never abort their child unless raped or there are birth complications, but college has made me think otherwise. Thinking from a college student’s perspective, having an abortion might be one of the only options. If a woman has a baby while in college it could potentially throw off her life plans. She may have to drop out of college to raise the baby and then the likelihood of ever going back to college is slim. Also, the chance of a college student getting pregnant with someone they are not dating is fairly likely. A woman may not be able to financially support her baby if she does not have a man to help her. You made the point that people should give their babies up for adoption instead of having an abortion. While this sounds like the best idea in theory, it may not work out as well as one would think. A woman grows very attached to her baby while she is pregnant for nine whole months, making it very hard to give up the baby. Also, the embarrassment of going through a pregnancy while living on a college campus could be too much for a mother. The pregnancy would still interfere and cause the student to miss at least a couple months of school. Obviously not all mothers are college students, so maybe your suggestion of an adoption would be more realistic for those older mothers.

I believe that the article that you chose was very interesting. I respectfully disagree with your opinion. I think that it is important to consider reasons behind abortion before deeming it totally unacceptable. Class seems to be a determining factor when choosing to get an abortion according to this study. Financial stability can be extremely difficult when an already struggling family has a child. The other percentage of women who claim that it is "not the right time" could be far too young to raise a child. If a person of a young age and lower class becomes pregnant, the responsibility of having a child will be put onto her parents. The parents may not be supportive of raising a child or going through the adoption process. Sometimes, abortion could be the only option. Factors of identity play a big role in whether or not a woman is suitable to raise a child. It would be interesting to study the participants in this study based on categories of class and age. This may give a different perspective and understanding of why women get abortions.

I agree with you completely, I don’t think that anyone should be able to get an abortion no matter the circumstances. I believe that the baby is alive from the moment of conception and therefore abortion should be illegal. Listening to these women’s answers made me hate abortion even more. I think that all of their answers are unacceptable to justify abortion. I know that accepting responsibility for a child can be a huge commitment but you have done the deed and therefore it is you responsibility. I completely agree with you when you are talking about taking responsibility. These girls that get pregnant should take full responsibility for their actions. They should not be allowed to kill an innocent child because they don’t feel that they can take responsibility for what they’ve done. Even if they don’t think that they are fit parents, there are other options such as adoption. Adoption is a wonderful alternative to abortion. Nobody should have the right to end another’s life no matter the circumstances.

Unfortunately I don't agree with your point of view. Every woman has a different story. You simply just might not understand her because you are probably not living what she is. You have mentioned that they are plenty of families that aren't able to conceive a children, but you also have to think that they are plenty of families and women that don't have access to abortion, which I think causes a bigger problem. From what you are saying, I don't think you have ever had a child, put having a baby growing in you for 9 months and then having to give birth to it and then seeing it and realizing that this baby has been growing inside you, it is hard to give this baby away for adoption. In fact adoption, might be an option but I think it is better aborting the baby before in grows in you and you see it, than having to endure 9 months of pregnancy and giving it away. I would not consider abortion "selfish". I invite you to consult these articles presented in my post . My word for countries that have illegalized abortion; if you don’t believe in abortion and think it’s selfish, don’t do it, but you don’t forbid women who really needs it, because that is being selfish.

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