Parenting Styles

by cclan1 on November 5, 2013 - 12:09am


            The article chosen is mainly about parenting styles. Parenting styles cause major issues  It says that a “parenting style is a psychological construct” representing standard strategies that parents use as they raise their child/children. It talks about how parents create their own way to parent based on many different factors, which usually change over time as their kids develop personalities. The article then discussed a study, which had taken place. A total of 210 children between ages 8-10 years were chosen and dispersed among three different schools. One school was public, one Private and one “aided with the help of purposive sampling. A self-structured questionnaire was prepared on children's perception on parenting styles with 10 hypothetical statements.” The data was then calculated and analyzed. The study found that schooling background does not affect the parenting styles. Almost all parents want their children to be responsible and mature. They want their children to be independent limits and if they abuse their independence they want their children to have consequences, this parenting style is what most would call “authoritative.”


The Logic of parenting styles

The main purpose of this article is to study parenting styles. The main question of this article is: do different types of schools change the parent’s style. The main conclusion was that different schools do not change parent’s parenting style. The main concept is that the type of child is what changes the parenting skill. The main assumption is that a child who goes to school “A” is raised with different parenting skills than a child that goes to school “B.”








I sort of agree with what you are saying, but at the same time reading your article was a bit confusing towards the end where you were mentioning the main purpose, conclusion and question. i agree with what you are saying on your top paragraph, but different schools that children go to, does affect how they react at home. Children may be having a hard time at school, and might be completely closed off when entering the house or vice versa.

I think this article brings up a lot of key points. An important thing to remember is every person has different parents, and different views. The way I view my parents style of parenting, is completely different than the way somebody else might. It is a touchy subject for many people because, of different circumstances abuse, divorce etc. I like how you involved, “parents create their own way to parent based on many different factors, which usually change over time as their kids develop personalities.” I couldn’t agree more with this statement! I noticed this with my father the most, as I age, I can relate more with him on just about anything. Concerning the last paragraph, it is hard saying whether a school really determines, an individuals parents. I am glad I read this article response, because I could relate to it through my relationships with my parents.

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