The Next Roe v. Wade?!?!

by kbake5 on September 13, 2013 - 11:56pm



Has the Internet become so involved in our everyday life that it has the capability to drastically influence a case that may go to the Supreme Court one day? Pregnant Jennie McCormack, an already mother of three, has her sister buy an abortion pill off the Internet because she cannot afford to care of another child and/or a trip to the abortion clinic. Unknowingly McCormack aborts her baby later in the pregnancy then originally intended and the fetus of 18 to 21 weeks was put out on the porch for an unknown period of time. Later that day McCormack was arrested on the charge of inducing her own abortion, which is illegal in Idaho.  The surprising views that both pro-life and pro-choice advocates have on this case is eye opening and could very possibly be history changing. Both groups refuse to comment on this case due to the difficultly of the situation. This sticky situation leaves both sides of abortion mute. Pro-choice advocates fears are coming true. As abortion clinics, doctors and health care facilities become less available to not only just women but also mainly women with financial needs, inducing of abortions by women is increasing its rate. Pro-life advocates are trying to avoid commenting on this situation because supporting McCormack’s arrest would go against their belief that it’s the clinics and institutions to be a fault and not the women.


The most significance part of this magazine article pertains to the part where both the pro-life and pro-choice advocates cannot side either with McCormack, or against her. This situation presents a special case, which could be very important in the future and might even overturn or revise Roe v. Wade. This case may end up in the Supreme Court where we expect to see a judge/judges that is/are fair minded. The situation that McCormack is in will mostly likely happen a number of women in the U.S as the Internet advances. If you are in a region where there is not an abortion clinic, the easiest way is to purchase the abortion pill or drug over the Internet. The limiting factor that this situations shows is the small number of people in the same situation. This group looked at in the article is an individual, but slowly this population is expected to rise and will eventually become a small group. This presents a serious problem, especially as more and more technologies are becoming readily available to middle class and even lower class people.


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