Love is a battle sea.. but there is only 1 you for me!

by mthom9 on November 18, 2013 - 11:56pm


What is love? Is love really love, when it’s forbidden? Is love really love when you are forced to “love?” Welcome (2009) focuses on Bilal and Mina, and their struggle to continue their love when torn apart. Phillippe Lioret wants to portray to you this fight throughout the film, that Bilal will do anything for love, especially for the one whom has his heart, Mina.  Bilal was not the only character within Welcome (2009), to have a series of struggles. Mina was ripped from her homeland as her family moved to the UK, but where did that leave her with Bilal? Left alone, and emotional to the point of hopelessness, she came face to face with the truth, the man she once loved, was stripped from her life, forever. She had no way out. Unlike today in America, marriage was arranged, not only with people outside your family but a marriage could be arranged within your family. For example, Mina’s father told Bilal that Mina never wanted to see him, but this was for her father’s own good. Think about it. Bilal is this young boy that has nothing to his name, versus forcing his daughter to marry her cousin, who is an owner of a restaurant and has money. It only seemed right because if this marriage went through, Mina’s father would have an advantage. This wasn’t fair. Mina didn’t see herself spending her life with her “cousin” and saw herself only with Bilal.  Why couldn’t her father just see this? Why did Mina have to hide this? Love is a powerful thing that can make men and women do outrageous things. For Bilal and Mina, love means swimming a channel for 10 hours in freezing water and hiding it from their family.

            As teenagers in this century, we already have this idea that feels natural to go against everything our parents command, and act rebellious, as well as ignoring them. This is a minor social problem that occurs again and again. Such as when kids disobey their parents when to be home, what grades they have to make in school, or even undertaking chores around the house. If we as kids don’t listen to these simple requests, there is no way we would ever listen to our parents when they tell us reaching a destination for love is crazy, or that we aren’t allowed to love a certain person. Although, in Welcome the father is very forceful when he reveals to Mina that she can no longer talk, or see Bilal no matter what (Lioret, 2009).  Family was not enough to keep them apart, at least not for Bilal. He did everything in his power, from: paying people, to taking swimming lessons, to attempting to hold his breath in a bag while hiding in a truck! Through all his discrimination, and hatred thrown toward him, Bilal refused to give up. Simon, a French man who took Bilal in for shelter and food, was the only person Bilal had left, besides the hope of getting across this “border” to love Mina. Simon, also shows his heroic acts throughout the film, because what he did was illegal, and it did end up getting him into a lot of trouble. Simon wasn’t planning on giving up on the thought of Bilal and Mina’s love. Welcome (2009) did an amazing job at showing the concept of social interactions, between the different cultures shown in the film. Everyone else around saw what Simon was trying to do as dangerous, as well as a form of betrayal, and plain idiotic. Through it all, Simon failed to accept those standings. If you can help, why not do it? If you can find love why not do anything possible to find it? If you can be happy, why not be happy? Find a way!


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