Legal Drinking Age: Is 21 too old?

by ichar1 on September 13, 2013 - 9:17pm

If 18 is technically the legal age to drive without it being called a junior license, vote, be considered an adult, live on your own without your parents and more then why is it that people aren’t allowed to drink since they are 18? Why the extra three years? In the article McCardell (2010) states that the government says the drinking age is 21 to cut down on drunk driving. If that’s true why are a lot of drunken driving motor vehicles accidents occurring with underage drinkers? McCardell also states that “of the total number of lives lost to alcohol by those under the age of 21, more than 60 percent are lost off the roadways.” Approximately five thousand lives are lost yearly to underage drinking.

I do agree that the legal age for drinking should be lowered. I feel that regardless of what the age may be teens and underage young adults will still find their way to consume alcohol. So what’s the point? I believe that if the drinking age is lowered to 18 then maybe teens will drink within the comfort of their own home instead of travelling to a party or a friend’s house for a drink. When they travel to a party or a friend’s house to drink chances are they are driving (since 18 is a legal age to drive most teens have a vehicle by that age), after drinking they most likely will be driving home. That’s one of the reasons that underage car accidents occur often. I think 21 years old is a drastic age especially since 18 is the legal age to do everything else EXCEPT drink alcohol. Most 18 year olds are off to college and a large percentage of them go off to campus for school. Do you really think at the house parties on campus they ask for ID? I feel the author of the article shares the same thoughts as me when it comes to the drinking age. Regardless of the person’s age they will be drinking alcohol if they want to. Somehow, some way they will find a way to get.

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