How does Alcohol and Smoking REALLY affect you?

by jdegr1 on October 21, 2013 - 11:06pm

In an alcohol study performed by Alaimo, results showed that increased alcohol consumption and smoking in teens leads to an increased risk of behavior as well as among their environment with others. There is also an increased risk of health problems and stress level in students who consume alcohol, coffee and smoke. Anonymous questionnaires were given to 132 students from the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Electro technics, the Faculty of Computers in Timisoara, ages 18 to 28. The results of Alaimo’s study concluded that student’s alcohol consumption and smoking increased with age, showing students are occasional drinkers. Teens drink to feel accepted, be part of a group and drink for the social aspect of it. Results showed that this increase was a result of many factors, including social class, advertising, social setting, family issues, and peer pressure. This study also concluded that increased drinking and smoking led to an increase in fatal car accidents, engage in sex, changes in mood and social behavior, and a decrease in academic achievement and grades. This studied concluded a number of things; one; increase in educating and informing teens of the consequences of alcohol, increase physical activity, decrease alcohol availability on college campuses, a decrease in alcohol promotion, and an increase in policies that restrict time, amount of consumption and access to alcohol.

All research addresses a fundamental question, problem or issue, which is used as a basis of a researchers study or case. They also have a specific purpose or goal in mind. In this instance, this study addresses the problem of increased teen drinking, smoking and how it affects student’s nutrition, academics, and health. This study also aims to answer the question as to what social incidences and what motives teen’s alcohol and coffee consumption, as well as their smoking habits. This study questions students the amount of alcohol and coffee they consume, the idea they have on drinking, their daily activities and nutrition habits, how often they drink and smoke, as well as what effect it has had on the individual. Researchers who conducted this study hoped to discover the core causes of increased drinking and smoking in college students, as well as other teenagers and young adults, in hopes to discover what efforts need to be done to reduce health risks, increase nutrition, and decrease the rate of alcohol consumption of teenagers. 


S. Gotia and S. Gurban, January 27, 2013. Nutrition, coffee, alcohol assumption in students' life style. Vol.14, No.1. 7-11.


I completely agree with the case study. It is almost becoming a normal thing for teens to be drinking and smoking to feel "a part of the group". It made me think about when I first started high school I was against doing those things because I had my parents constantly watching over me and making sure I didn't fall down the wrong path. I first began drinking in the end of 10th grade but wasn't really into it, in fact now I really am not that big into it. But as I grew up and went through sophomore, junior and senior year I began to notice the age at which teen start to explore drinking and smoking began starting younger and younger. I don't recall a lot of my friends in 9th grade to be out drinking and partying every weekend, but now I see a lot of that being posted on social media websites. I know of a handful of people around 10th grade that even go to clubs and have fake I.D.s. It kind of blows my mind, seeing some people so young doing that stuff! When I was in 10th grade I didn't look a day over my actual age so now for kids to be going to out with friends to clubs, drinking and smoking at their age is shocking! It seems like with each generation people are becoming "older" at a lesser age than the previous year. Weird to think about.

Before this post, I was not aware that alcohol and smoking added to stress. It is shocking because one usually hears that someone smokes and drinks to relieve it. I have also heard that caffeine is one of the most addicting drugs, but again most college students seem to drink it like its water in order to stay up and study. When people think of college, one of the first things that pop into their heads is party. Many students from my school went to certain colleges just because it was considered a “big party school”. What I disagree with on this subject is that people should not try to make it harder for college students to get alcohol. One way or another they will manage to find a way to get it. It sometimes shocked me back at home on how easy it was for my piers to come in contact with alcohol, cigarettes, and even illegal drugs. I think that the fact the drinking age is so high is part of the problem. Our society makes such a big deal about drinking underage that it encourages the teenagers to rebel against the rules. In the European countries children will have a casual glass of wine at dinner with their families and no one thinks twice. I read somewhere that because of this, the binge drinking and drunk driving accidents in teenagers are much lower. I find this topic very interesting so thank you for supplying the article and I hope you write more on this topic!

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