Hooking up- the good, the bad, and the ugly.

by avers2 on October 21, 2013 - 11:08am

Bogle has tackled the big question when it comes to hooking up. What exactly is it? She has come to the conclusion through her research that hooking up can have several meanings. Hooking up to college students can mean as little as kissing or as far as having sex. The vagueness of hooking up allows for the partakers to share their experiences without extreme detail. Can’t it simply be either an open or closed topic of discussion among others? Although hooking up most of the time is a casual act that does not involve the expectancy of a relationship, it can still cause confusion and issues. Gender seems to play a role in everything, and even though hooking up has become acceptable there are almost always double standards when it comes down to it. Guys are praised for hooking up with numerous girls, and sometimes it is even viewed as a game or competition, as girls are seen as sluts or whores.An interesting piece of information that Bogle found is that the hooking up phenomena is targeted primarily to college students. I think it may be possible that college students are more prone to hooking up because they are still exploring their lives, and getting a feel for themselves and what they want out of life. It's interesting that once graduated hooking up is no longer practiced, but instead substituted with actual dating. Actual dating consists of swapping phone numbers, and meeting up for dinner and a movie type setting. Sex might not even be thought about until numerous meetings later. Should it be like this across the board, or are college students not ready for that commitment and maturity? Is the shift a sign of maturing, or simply part of the biological time line? Bogle explains that the goals, opportunity, and safety of those in college and those graduated are far different.  It’s all about connections and networks of friends in college. You may not know somebody personally but it is likely that you know of them through someone else which provides a sense of comfort when around them. This makes it easier to hook up with someone knowing that one of your friends or a friend of a friend knows that person. Personally college means a new freedom. It is a place I can start a new chapter of my life, have fun, prepare for the future and be myself. Life after graduation on the other hand has prove to be much different. After graduating you’re thrown to the real world where life is focused on jobs and living in unfamiliar places with new people. Bogle’s research describes the goals for students in college is to have fun, break out of their shell and express themselves. Is self expression an excuse to hook up with numerous people, or is it a form of finding ones self? For Graduates it’s  time to really start living in the real world, focusing on work and meeting somebody to settle down with. This leaves no time or desire to hook up which gives the hooking up scene to college students.


APA Reference: Wood, E. (2010). Getting Serious About Hooking Up. Sexuality & Culture, 14(2), 169-171. doi:10.1007/s12119-010-9067-9



I chose to comment on this because I found it very interesting and agree on certain points that were made. I completely agree on the fact that there is no clear line on what hooking up is. Although I believe most teenagers would associate hooking up with having sex. I also agree on the fact that there is a different view of it depending on which gender you belong to. As a girl, I do judge other girls for sleeping with multiple people. I judge them especially if they just hook up with them. But for guys I simply state that they are a player and move on. I will not judge them as much. It was very interesting to read about the typical process of hooking that college student go through. Although I am not really to say that it applies to everyone. Yes most people will go through a phase that they just hook up with people but I believe that it due to the fact that they are not ready or afraid of commitment. I do agree that it does take a certain amount of maturity to have a serious relationship but I also believe that some people might have that maturity during college.

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