Health Care for Homeless and Unstably Housed

by fhall1 on September 12, 2013 - 4:35pm

Throughout the article, Health Care for Homeless and Unstably Housed: Overcoming Barriers, Mark Rabiner discusses the issues that homeless people around the United States face.  Homeless people are most likely to deal with health issues. Rabiner states in this article that, “Approximately 1% of the US population experiences homelessness in any given year.” There are many health statistics that have to do with homelessness. The main cause of homelessness seems to be the lack of affordable homes. The states with the most expensive housing are Florida, California, and New York. Almost half of homeless people live in those states. The homeless tend to deal with more health issues and the most common ones are substance abuse, alcoholism, and mental illness. These diseases account for 69% of hospitalizations. Health insurance for homeless people is not very common. There are many things society could do to change these issues for the better. Rabiner states, “A seemingly obvious way to improve health outcomes among the homeless population is to provide stable housing.” I agree with this statement because it has been proven that substance abusers decrease their usage once they are in a stable household and the utilization of hospitals decreases as well. Overall, there are a lot of issues between health care and homelessness that need to be resolved.

            In my opinion, I believe that this article is very informative on what society can do to fix these issues. I feel as though everyone is entitled to have health insurance, including the homeless. Health insurance would be very beneficial to the homeless because they would be healthier and able to live better on their own. Rabiner argues that, “there is no one-size-fits-all solution. As stated previously, homelessness is complex and thus the solution to eradicate it must be equally so.” I agree with this statement because since homelessness is such a complex issue, it’s going to take time and effort to do away with it. I believe that proper health care and affordable housing is the first step to ending homelessness. 



Rabiner, M., & Weiner, A. (2012). Health Care for Homeless and Unstably Housed: Overcoming Barriers. Mount Sinai Journal Of Medicine. 79(5), 586-592. doi:10.1002/msj.21339