Guns and Our Society

by brizz1 on September 13, 2013 - 2:59pm

In our society there is a massive stand off concerning gun control. Each side making valid and relevant points. While each side puts safety as one of there top priorities, there are differences concerning the resolution. Advocates for strict gun control argue that there is no need for civilian gun ownership unless it is for recreational use. They believe that all the advanced protection agencies provided to us is enough to guarantee our safety. Opponents argue that our protection agencies do not have the ability to provide full protection from danger at this point, making gun ownership a necessity. All though each side makes a good argument, neither strict or lose gun laws have proven to have a significant affect on gun related violence. Acknowledging this the government of the U.S. have implemented new acts in attempt to reduce the possibility of violence ever occurring. They implemented new laws requiring background checks for gun purchases and transfers in all states. Those with serious criminal records, foreign fugitives and are known or suspected terrorists may be denied the right to own gun. Gun control is a serious topic and some type of reform must be made.

This article is important because it covers a very large and controversial topic. There are so many different aspects and view points to account for that it makes all resolutions difficult. I have never owned nor shot a gun in my life, but I understand the need for them. All though they are responsible for the deaths of thousands in the wrong hands, responsible owners should not be penalized for the misuse. The most significant information that I gained from this article was the lack of results that gun laws have proven to yield. It is true that many actions have been taken to reduce the risk of gun violence in our recent years but there are so many factors that contribute to the gun violence of our nation. In my opinion it is not gun laws that need to be monitored but the culture of our society. Our society has grown to become more and more acceptable to violence and that can be seen any where in life. Its all over magazines, movies, music and even schools. This influence may be one of the greatest contributing factors to this growth in gun violence.



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