Freshmen hook up anyone?!?!? ;)

by kbake5 on October 21, 2013 - 9:15pm


        In the article the First-Year College Women;s Motivations for Hooking up focuses mainly on women’s motivations for hooking up in a first year college setting. The research design primarily centralized on the first-year women from a private university on the west coast. These six hundred and sixty one women were asked to complete a questionnaire after reading and ultimately agreeing to an informed consent wavier. Six months later the same group of women answered questions relating to hooking up.  The dominant motives for hooking up found in this study were gaining social rewards, physical enhancement, conformity, coping with emotions and also external circumstances.


        Intellectual autonomy means to have rational controls over ones beliefs and values, which entails analyzing and evaluating ones life decisions. The choices between questioning, believing and conforming when appropriate in the given situation is a big part of what intellectual autonomy is. Questioning the choices that a group is making could mean social suicide, ecspecially in the situation of freshmen college students. On the other hand conforming could go against some of your previous values and beliefs. The sociological concept, intellectual autonomy, can be connected back to the article First-Year College Women’s Motivations for Hooking up in the way that these women have to choice to participate in this activity or sustain from doing so. The rewards and consequences is something these women weighed out and based their decisions on. After their decisions were made they evaluated and analyzed their outcome and based their new decisions on their beliefs and values. An example from the article that supports the above claim is found in the first paragraph of the results. This section explains how out of all the women who have claimed to have been hooking up, almost 60% say that it has only been on or two times. These results prove that the majority of the population did the activity once and then evaluated and analyzed their decisions and were now making their decisions based on their beliefs and values.  This is the reasoning behind why most of the participants stopped hooking up after the first or second time.



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Kenney, S. , Thadani, V. , Ghaidarov, T. , LaBrie, J. (2013). First-Year College Women’s motivations or hooking up: A Mixed-Method exam of normative peer perception and personal hook up participation. International Journal of Sexual Health, 25(3), 212-224.

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