Drinking Down Under

by Rfran4 on September 13, 2013 - 11:31pm

Year after year, over and over again college staff try to discourage underage drinking within their student body and fail. College students drink because they love the impact that alcohol has on them, and the fact that it enhances their College Experience from football games to house parties. They have every right to be allowed to partake in this enhanced experienced without being punished unless they are among those fail to drink safely. This topic has been wobbled back and forth upon over the years but officials today pretty much all feel the same way about underage drinking. (Poe 2010)


 College student’s drink for a variety of reasons, which Poe calls positive, but to society, the cons of Alcohol outweigh the pros by far. I’ve seen firsthand someone throw up all over herself outside a party. What fun is it being that person, waking up not being able to remember anything the next day? If drinking was nothing but fun and games, which most people seem to believe, then my feelings would differ, but there’s often much more to a story because most underage drinking is done abusively, trying to prove they are not “light-weights” (possessing lower tolerance than most). The fact that college officials keep addressing the inevitable underage drinking is very important. I’m not quite against it, but indeed drinking down under should be done in a more careful and responsible manner.


I think with everything this person said in this article. People are obsessed with getting drunk every Friday and Saturday because they want to have a good time. It’s hard to reach out to kids because there is almost the pressure to drink. In my family there have been problems with alcoholism and I know that I personally have to be careful. It is easy to get roped into all the parties but when you go you don’t have to drink. The choice is honestly yours to make. You can remain sober for that football game or house party. It may not be as fun for you but you`re making the right decision to not drink and not partake in the underage drinking.

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