The Dangers of DWI (Drinking While Immature)

by kdunl2 on September 17, 2013 - 5:44pm

The author (Boulard 2005) believes that the alcohol companies are now marketing their product specifically to the youth. They use pictures of beach parties and skateboarding competitions to capture the attention of students underage. The difficulty with stopping underage drinking is if there’s someone willing to help or sell these kids alcohol how can the government really stop that? The most they can do is enforce the law and educate the youth on the dangers of alcohol rather than hiding it. Senators and state representatives all agree that it would be extremely unwise to believe that passing another bill or making another law would stop all underage drinking. They came to the conclusion that rather than trying to stop everyone from underage drinking they need to help the kids who don’t want to participate in drinking because they are the ones willing to accept the help.

I agree that the number of underage college students who participate in binge drinking is a very serious matter.  The fact that 44% of U.S. college student engage in binge drinking is a freighting number. That means that nearly half of the students in college are binge drinking. I think an important fact that they brought up in the article is that you can’t stop someone from doing what they want to do and if you try to their going to want to do it even more. That’s basically saying that if the government decided to pass a bill in hopes to stop underage binge drinking, the number of students who drink will either increase or the students who are already binge drinking will drink more heavily. The article also speaks about the difference of underage drinking from the 1970’s to now. Kids now are proud of participating in underage drinking, the post photos and videos on the social media rather than in the 70’s they tried to hide that they participated in that behavior. However, if the number of underage binge drinkers doesn’t decrease and high school students aren’t taught the real dangers of alcohol, the likelihood of underage binge drinking increasing is very high.


I think there should be more articles like this posted all the time informing people about this topic. Under age drinking is a big problem in today’s society. People need to understand that drinking under age is an actual crime and not just something people think is bad. Its right to help the people who choose not to drink and this could influence others to follow. This article can relate to my school because I would say that sixty percent of my school probably drinks under age.

Hi, I have read what you wrote and I agree that binge drinking for people underage is a problem in society. however, I think that this is only part of the whole problem of binge drinking. there is also the young adults (18 to 24) that are still immature while they drink alcohol. And they can do this legally. So if the government pass a law against binge drinking for underage people, those who have the age will still do it. I think that it is a good idea to educate young people (13 to 24) against binge drinking. I think that youth are influenced to do this because of the medias (Films, music) that kind of encourages the binge drinking. I think that the best way to teach youth to be responsible while drinking is to change the contents of the popular medias.
Thank you.

I agree with your article. Underage drinking is a huge aspect of college kids lives and it sometimes turns very dangerous. I agree with your part about how you can't stop kids from doing what they're going to do, and they will still drink if they want too. I thought it was interesting how the point was brought up how kids now a days show off that they drink, while 40 years ago kids tried to hide it. I think part of the problem is parents at more as friends and not parents and let their kids drink and do what they want. Very interesting article.

I agree 100% with your post. A lot of college students are living on their own, and away from their parents for the first time. This opens new doors and opportunities. However, many of these kids don't realize that responsibility comes with their newfound freedom. A new law is not going to help anything, it is going to make it worse. Its already illegal to drink underage, these students are already breaking the law. If they are willing to break one law to drink, why wouldn't they break more? I agree that education is the best way to stop, or discourage students from drinking. If people really understood the risks, they would be less likely to involve themselves in this behavior. In all honesty, I thought the percentage of students drinking would be much higher, but 44% is still an extremely high number. I was also shocked that your article only talked about binge drinking in college, because I believe that more and more teenagers are beginning to drink at a younger age. Great article, thanks for sharing!

I agree with your idea that alcohol companies are targeting their advertisements to youth in particular. Since the youth consumption of alcohol is so common today, it makes sense for the companies to target them. I am not, however, saying that this is a good tactic. The sad reality is that the companies care about making money instead of the safety of those consuming their product. I don’t think that passing another law to ban underage drinking would be effective at all. There is already a law in place and it is not effective. One may even take into consideration lowering the drinking age to eighteen. If eighteen year olds were allowed to drink it might take away from the rebellious thrill that comes with doing it illegally. I think that either way binge drinking is still going to be a huge problem, especially in college. People must be educated on how to drink responsibly in order to stay safe and healthy. You suggested that we must educate those in high school about drinking in moderation so that they will be prepared for college. In looking at where I went to high school I realize that binge drinking was already very popular. Maybe we should start educating kids even earlier so that they are knowledgeable for high school.

I've read what you wrote and think it is entirely true. In my opinion the drinking rate at colleges and the negative effects of it are EXTREMELY out of control, and need a serious stop put to it. Now, for everyone reading this, no I am not saying I do not support underage drinking or think it should be stopped completely. I do however believe that in high school teenagers should be shown the real effects of binge drinking and not the sugar coated garbage they see there now. If we want people to be educated on drinking and how to not "overdo it" then people need to see the REAL side of it. The ugly, trashed, throwing-up, I'm going to the hospital I'm so drunk side of it. I would just like to reiterate again that I'm not saying scare people away from drinking, because that's socially "a part of the college experience". I just believe that maybe the rate of people being hospitalized and or killed from binge drinking would be dramatically reduced if teenagers were more effectively informed.

I agree with this 100%, there are way too many under aged drinkers in college and the ones who drink do not care about how serious the side effects of alcohol can be which is equally as scary. The companies who are trying to sell the alcohol never show the ugly side of alcohol, along with binge drinking, there is also the side where people are admitted to the hospital either because of alcohol poisoning because they were trying to look tough around their peers. Also, the drinking games are bad too because people do not realize how much alcohol they are actually consuming and they are more caught up in winning the game. If teenagers are fully informed about the bad side of alcohol, there is a good chance that there will be less binge drinking in underage drinkers.

Drinking under age is something that is really usual these days. It is really easy for an underage teenage to get alcohol. Either by using fake ID's or simply by asking someone in the street or to a older sister/brother. It's true that the commercial invites and targets teenagers to drink alcohol, not directly, but by using their commercial where we see beach parties with alcohol. They show the fun side of drinking, but what they do not show is the bad effects it gave you when you drink to much and the majority of under age teenage can't drink reasonably because they don't know their limit so they just keep in drinking thinking they are cool. It's a danger that we should be more aware of. A lot of accident are cause by this. The government should be less tolerant with it.

Your article has many valid points. After reading this article I have noticed what you have pointed out to be true. For an example, I have scene a bunch of commercials that seem to interest teens in drinking myself, but never realized it. I don't think they will ever be able to stop underage binge drinking either, but I do think they could make laws to help prevent it. I agree that there would be some people that would drink still after a law was passed more to try to feel "cool", but then they would stop some people. Like the article says though, the best way to stop underage binge drinking is to educate the ones who aren't before they start to give them a bad view towards it. College students now definitely feel the need to post information about drinking on social media websites too. Students feel that other people should know what they are doing and a lot feel the need to tell their friends that they are drinking.

I agree with your article, and there is a very reasonable, valid argument that you present in a clear organized fashion. Although I agree with your argument that it’s very dangerous for underage drinking and it’s impossible to stop, it’s not totally wrong. Kids in other countries can drink legally at 18 and I think it’s safer because then they can call for rides home without their parents being mad instead of driving home or they don’t have to hide drinking so if someone gets alcohol poisoning they won’t be scared to get help like most kids are in the USA. I think it’s interesting that you brought up that kids post pictures of them drinking and at parties because I have Facebook, Instagram, and twitter and every weekend almost I see pictures of parties and kids drinking. Altogether I was very interested in this article and your valid argument with the dangers of binge drinking and how it’s smart to not pass anymore laws on underage binge drinking.

From what I experienced, underage drinking has mainly to do with peer pressure. All your friends are doing it, so you feel the urge to do it as well. Because if you don’t partake in the drinking, you assume your friends are looking down upon you. I feel that most teenagers know the consequences to binge and underage drinking, but still do it knowingly. It will be very hard to prevent teenagers from drinking alcohol. Being a freshman at college and living in a dorm, there is a lot of underage drinking going around because most of these freshmen want to fit in. Also, media has played a role in promoting drinking as something fun and harmless among teenagers. For example, the movie Project X was a very exciting, scary movie to watch. It was about three seniors at high school throwing a party of a lifetime. In my opinion, media influences us.

My background has a lot to do with how I look at this article and why I too agree with it. I am from the south and we are very family oriented but I am the first to go to college and do something with my life. I live in South Carolina so I am 16 hours away from home and that is a big change. Although I am handling it well I never planned on staying away from the South forever. When I think about college, I see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to be different from the rest of the people in the job market. To stand out and have a better chance of being employed. The statistic you gave that, 'every 7 out of 10 people entering the job market will remain unemployed,' scares me as a college student and I honestly, now that I think about that, am scared to finish school. I thought college was supposed to give you the upper hand in advancing you towards a job. Living in a small town in the middle of nowhere in South Carolina makes me realize there isn't much room for opportunity. I have to be at the top or the top and the best of the best. Now, I sit and think, "Why am I still in school if it won't pay off ?" "Why should I continue when I might have to take a job halfway around the world and be unhappy?"

I strongly agree with your post. It is a hard predicament because if the government does try and regulate the underage drinking influences such as advertising, it will not stop or slow the underage drinking but if they don’t do anything about it then the underage drinking will continue to increase. It is a lose lose situation. I know for me it is hard to watch friends underage drink irresponsibly, having lost a close friend due to drinking. think an interesting topic to research to further this article would be the situations in other countries. Does a country such as Germany where the drinking age is lower have more responsible teens when it comes to drinking? How does the drinking age effect the responsibility of teens? My cousin lives in Germany and she once discussed with me how she felt since in her culture they drink at a young age they are more responsible. I am curious to see what true studies show.

I agree with your views on this topic about the gay-rights policies in Russia. I believe that homosexuality is a trait that a person is born with, and cannot be avoided. It is not something that a person chooses, especially if they live in Russia and know the consequences if they are gay. Getting harassed and abused in public is wrong and should not be tolerated. A person should be allowed to feel the way they want and express it in which way they choose. It is unfortunate that a person living in their own country may not feel comfortable admitting their sexuality, due to the negative results. If there is a large population of homosexuals in Russia, there should not be a harsh law against them. That is cruel and a person should not be punished for the way they feel. I think it is important for someone to stand up for the gay population, and fight the new laws that are formulating right now. If the Russian Government is trying to prevent people who are seeking attention by expressing homosexuality, they are going about it in the wrong way. It is more than likely that the people getting harassed in the streets are not faking their feelings and beliefs. People should not be told how to feel and it is terrible that the world feels it is okay to discriminate against homosexuals. This is a very difficult and ongoing solution to solve that will unfortunately never be completely solved.

I agree with the valid points you’ve made in this article. Being a first time freshman college student, I am beginning to see the amount of underage drinking that actually occurs more than I’ve ever seen before. Underage drinking is becoming a more common activity that many kids are participating in. It is definitely an important issue that can only be helped by informing kids about the dangers that drinking can cause. It is true that this topic will never be avoided and underage drinking will never go away, but teaching kids about it can help them either prevent it or know what to do if ever in a situation involving alcohol. Alcohol education needs to start before high school to make sure that kids know the right thing to do before they break in new habits when arriving to college. Kids need to be educated at a younger age than they are now in order to prevent underage drinking that most likely starts in high school. I disagree with people who feel that educating kids on alcohol will give the kids new ideas to try out. It is important that students know the effectiveness of binge drinking, such as what happens when you drink too much. Many kids coming to college don’t know how to control themselves with all of the new freedom that they have. So, it is also important that the alcohol education needs to be continued when students start college. I agree with you that a new law will not change anything. The laws that are in place right now may not be doing the best job at preventing underage drinking, but like the article said, people have been doing it since before the 70’s. It is unlikely that underage drinking will ever go away. Making sure that laws that we have now are being enforced is important when teaching kids the punishments of drinking before they’re legal. Hopefully, all of the preventative information and education that is being provided to kids will give them a new outlook on the topic and change their mind when placed in a situation involving alcohol.