Cyberbullying: A new trend

by jmari5 on September 13, 2013 - 4:06pm

Jennifer Holladay is the author of “Cyberbullying” and talks about this newfound crime that many kids are guilty of and is taking place all over the country. Holladay reports that 1/3 to ½ of middle school and high school teenagers have been a victim of cyberbullying. Consequences aren’t only for the bully, but they are for the victim as well. Victims of cyberbullying often have a decline in academic performance, may be more prone to depression and sadness, or even contemplate suicide. Unfortunately, there have been many reported cases of teen suicide due to cyberbullying. Another tricky question that comes into play is, where does this cross the line of freedom of speech, and when is it legally appropriate for schools to interfere? To answer this question, law enforcements are speaking out and saying that this crime will not be tolerated. Threats are not protected under freedom of speech. As for schools taking action, officials are saying that cyberbullying is being brought into the schools and causing problems, so it is appropriate for school officials to step in in order to take care of the problem.


            I think Holladay’s article talked about a serious issue that needs to be more brought to the attention of parents with kids/teens. In my opinion, many adults know the word “cyberbullying” and know what this consists of, but many don’t know the about the pain it causes to the victims. I think Holladay did a great job describing this new bullying trend, but more attention needs to be brought upon the victims and their outcomes. If parents knew this, then maybe they would be more prone to sitting down with their kids and talking about this issue, or monitoring their electronics more often. Parents need to realize that a majority of the youth population has electronic devices and are on them all the time, looking at social media and posts that other kids write. I think the other most important part of the article has to do with law enforcement and schools taking action. I think this is a very important part in preventing cyberbullying and prosecuting those who take part in it. The author definitely made some good points, and this is an issue that needs to be shown to the public so we can stop this crime and save our generation. 

APA Reference: 

Holladay, J. (2011). Cyberbullying. Education Digest, (76)5, 4-9.


Very good subject choice because this is an arising issue for all age groups. Also, internet technology is becoming even more popular especially with people having ability to use internet on the go. I think that social networks should be shut down just to make problems between people less public. However, I know that will never happen because owners of social network sites are less concerned about the well beings of people and they are all about the money. I also agree with you that maybe some more laws should be made but I do not agree that schools should get into business online because I have seen that it generally makes matters worse. Any problems generated online are more likely to then be brought to the school and cause more conflict. Nice job on the article.

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