Colonialism in the Modern Society

by sfarn1 on November 18, 2013 - 10:48pm

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Colonialism in the Modern Society
On Wednesday November 6 my fellow colleagues and I attended a screening of “Even in the Rain” directed by Icíar Bollaín. The movie took place in Bolivia a very poor third world country and was about a film crew filming a movie about how Columbus came in and took over the Spanish people’s land and enslaved them.  However, there is much more to the film then just this! The movie includes themes of racism, the unequal distribution of essential resources, gender roles. Although there are many different themes I can discuss about I have chosen to write about the issue of racism and specifically the colonizing that is presented in the film.
The film itself is a microcosm of the colonial abuse the colonizers subjected the native people to. In the movie the film makers decide to go the cheap route and place their set in Bolivia, an extremely poor third world country and use its people for extras and also pay them very low wages. The film that they are shooting is about how Columbus (the colonizer) took advantage of the Arawaks and enslaved the friendly people. However the irony is that the film makers, viewed in this case as the colonizers are using the people of Bolivia, viewed as the natives in this scenario for their cheap labor. The film shows a clear act of colonization that unfortunately still occurs in our modern day society today. When the character Daniel overhears Costa the executive producer on the phone talking about how great it is to film in Bolivia because it is so cheap and the people work for scraps, broke my heart. In the beginning of the film its starts out with a very long line of people waiting to audition to be potentially casted as an extra in this movie. Most of these people have been waiting in the direct sun for hours just to get a couple of minutes with the director and a tiny shot of earning this scrap of money that the Americans are paying them. However in a typical fast paced American fashion Costa the producer tells the director Sebastian that there is not enough time to personally audition all of these people. In America we don’t think about anybody else’s time, or efforts we just see the end product, what are goal is in mind, and then we are off creating our new project and goal. A fatal flaw that we have true, however I believe that the way to fix the problem is to look inside ourselves and question why do we do this? 
Reluctantly many people ask the question, why should we care?  If this movie plot were to occur in real life many people would argue that in fact the Americans were benefitting the Bolivian economy by giving them money and publicity. This stance in my opinion is incorrect. In my own opinion, everyone in this world should be given equal rights freedom and pay! Now I know this may sound overzealous of me and like I am just a kid viewing the world with rose colored glasses but its true! I don’t understand why an actor in Hollywood should not receive the same equivalent pay as someone in Bolivia. Now I know that there is a lot more to this problem then just that. There is a very complex process economic system and different monetary value between the countries in the world, not to mention all of the all other politics and economic methods that I don’t understand and frankly will never. However, I believe ideally that everyone across the world would be equal. That freedom and rights are not just a blessing the people in America experience, but rather all people no matter what race, country, gender and background. I know I am a dreamer but you never know, the world is constantly changing around us and as long as the people in it are working to do better by it, then we just might have a chance.
“Even in the Rain” Bollaín I. (Director) & Gordon J. (Producer) (2010) Vitagraph Films

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