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by Ncama1 on November 5, 2013 - 5:17pm

Excessive College drinking is a very major issue, because as a result of this many kids die because of alcohol poisoning this is a very serious issue. Many young students will be exposed to many things in the college transition such as time management, social activities and living arrangements. This kind of transition is often the cause of risky behavior such as excessive alcohol consumption. The article Alcohol drinking among college students (2013) states that there is little evidence about the social determinants of alcohol consumption among college students. The article explores how college environmental factors shape students drinking behaviors. In May of 2010 a web questionnaire was sent to all bachelor and master students registered with an important Belgian university; 7,015 students participated. The survey looked at drinking behavior, social involvement, college environmental factors, drinking norms, and positive drinking consequences. The results showed that on average each student had 1.7 drinks a day and 2.8 episodes of abusive drinking a month. Some major findings were the more a student was exposed to college environmental factors, the greater the risk of heavy, frequent, and abusive drinking. Alcohol consumption increased for students living on campus, and living in a dormitory with a higher number of room-mates. The article states that to fix the problem educational and college authorities need to acknowledge universities’ responsibility in relation to their students’ drinking behavior and to commit themselves to support an environment of responsible drinking.


The main purpose of this article is to explore how many college kids drink and how many drinking episodes they have in college. The key question the author is addressing in this article is how to stop excessive drinking and what causes college kids to drink. The key concepts we need to understand is that college puts a lot of stress on kids with the living adjustments, social interactions and school work that drinking may be a way to relieve the stress. The main assumptions underlying the authors thinking is that even though the more students are exposed to college environmental factors the more the drink most of the time kids can’t avoid it. If we fail to take this line of reasoning seriously, the implications are that kids could continue to drink excessively and even die from alcohol poisoning. The main points of view presented in this article are that college kids drink because of environmental factors they are forced to face and peer pressure, also they view this that it’s okay to drink responsibly but not excessively and that its universities responsibility to enforce responsible drinking even though they enforce no drinking unless you’re over 21.


Lorant, V. (2013) Alcohol drinking among college students: college responsibility for personal troubles. BMC Public Health (1-9)


This is a very interesting post that caught my attention because, of course, I am a college student that has—at some point in my life—been exposed to alcohol. I definitely do agree with the social stigma that “the more exposed one is to alcohol, the more likely they are to drink and make drinking a habit,” however I do believe that that only goes to a certain extent. I believe what also accounts for a person’s alcohol consumption is their family. Although one might be living on campus, if they were born into a family where, for example, they’ve had siblings that had many experiences of alcohol during their college years, of course they would be more open to alcohol during parties. However, if a student were to have a family history of alcohol being the cause of traumatic experiences (e.g., fighting, death, hospitalization, rehab), they may not be so quick to grab a drink. To bring my conclusion all together, I do believe that the more exposed a child is to alcohol, they more they’d be likely to drink in college—however the type of exposure they had should be taken into account. This article has great statistics, and I find it very fascinating how these statistics showed episodes of abusive drinking almost 3 times a month. I would like to see you take this a step further by looking into the parents’ lifestyles of these students that drink.

I really enjoyed this article. The title was especially capturing and interesting because as a college student who like to party i was immediately drawn to it. The statistics provided really helped to get your point across and provide evidence to what you are trying to prove. i believe peer pressure and college "norms" play a key role in students drinking so excessively. When college is mentioned although one of the first things that pops into a person head is career or degree, partying and drinking is not too far behind. its not unlikely for students to get absorbed in the party life and most of the times it shows in the grades they receive as well.

This is a good topic to talk about seeing that many people reading your post are in college right now. Everyone goes to college wanting to meet new people and try new things and for many, this means drinking for the first time and not knowing their limits. From my perspective, I think it is okay to experiment in college but this doesn’t mean go crazy and drink to the point of alcohol poisoning. Most people have heard the tragic stories of college kids passing away from drinking too much, but it is true that nobody thinks it will happen to them. However, being a freshman, I have noticed that there are a lot of alcohol education lectures around the Brockport campus. This is very good because it can prevent the things that you talk about in your post like, peer pressure and even death from over drinking.

As a college student, this title caught my eye. After having many presentations on alcohol as a freshmen in college, I am very familiar with this topic, and this article post reaffirmed many things I already know about it. This topic is very personal for me because I have many older friends who have developed serious drinking and drug problems starting after they were exposed to college life. Before I left for school, I talked to many adults about their college experience, all of them saying it was the best time in their life. I assumed this was because of the partying. But recently I do believe that excessive drinking in college is becoming a serious problem. Here and there it is not bad, and after all, it is a part of college life. After reading all of the statistics and being personally involved in many experiences, I believe that there needs to be something done in controlling college students from unsafe drinking.

It is a very interesting subject because every or many students have passed through this period. Indeed, like you mentioned in your summary many students are drinking to forget their problems and their stress, but also because it is what others do. In fact, teenagers attached a great importance to what others say,think and do. However, they are not enough aware about the consequences that alcohol have on them; it is not only because they risked their life, but also they can be addictive to this and this is a serious problem that they do not considered. Students need to know clearly what it means.

Your title not only caught my eye, but also made the article itself appear less professional and more of an article that people can read and relate to. That's a tricky thing to do with writing so good job! One major thing that threw me while reading this article was the statistics. I never had any idea that people drink that much! 1.7 drinks a day, sounds like a pretty expensive stress reliever to me. Maybe you should look into a way to tie this subject to teenage DWI charges, that may also make an impact. I think this article was very nicely written with plenty of facts and statistics to support the topic. This type of issue has played out quite frequently in my life since college started. One of my friends had to be hospitalized because she got alcohol poisoning and was in the hospital for an entire day. It was really scary and I actually had no desire to drink for a while after that incident. Now she will still go out and have an occasional drink, but knows how to control herself and will step in if she sees someone who may be drinking too much. This has also influenced me to become more aware of the many resources to help people out if they do have alcohol poisoning, which I think everyone should look into. You can never be too informed.

Being a college student and living in this environment, i always knew that people drank a little more than what may be considered acceptable but finding out that people are having 1.7 drinks a day was new knowledge to me. This article couldnt be more correct in that huge life changes are happening to students during the time they start drinking these amounts of alcohol. However it should encourage universities to inform students of all ages of alcohol. The university doesn't need to condone drinking underage but they should inform their students so that when they are drinking they are making choices from an educated stand point. I thought it was really key that during freshman orientation here they make sure that every freshman learns about the dangers of alcohol poisoning because many students were unaware that drinking could lead to such serious consequences.

This article caught my attention right away when it talked about college drinking. I am in college and along with my friends are forced to make decisions like this everyday. Everyone comes to college wanting to have a lot of friends and be cool, so they think if they partake in this this will help them fit in better. In doing this comes a lot of pressure and responsibility on students. I agree completely when it says that the alcohol consumption increases the more someone is exposed to it. college is the best time of someones life, they say your only young once and i can imagine they are referring to the party life. As this article says, kids drink to forget about their issues. But many don't realize this is the worst habit to get used to. iv'e seen my older friends have this problem and for many it doesn't go away. Alcohol problems can mess up a persons life and sometimes can lead to death. After reading this i am entirely surprised and had no idea that some people drink 1.7 drinks a day. in my opinion that is such a waste of money. I have seen many of my friends that have had bad experiences with alcohol so that especially has taken away my desire to drink. I think that universities should enforce responsible drinking a little more harshly. So we can avoid problems like this. It seems that the reason why alcoholism is so high today is because of the exposure from it at college.

This is a good very good topic to write about for college kids. With all of us having easy access to parting and drinking, it is very easy to get caught up in that kind of life and to drink and party too excessively. There needs to be a point where a person needs to know that need to stop drinking and take a break just so they don't lose who they are and form a problem with alcohol. It is something that we all need to know and be aware of because it can happen to anyone if they place themselves in that situation. A person needs to place themselves with a group of friends that either have responsible drinking habits or do not drink at all. This will give the person a tendency to drink less and they will have people to take care of them and talk to them if they ever start drinking too much

As a college student, this topic caught my attention right away. Alcohol is definitely a big issue with teenagers today. College campuses seem to be where alcohol issues happen the most. In my opinion, those statistics didn't shock me. I feel that alcohol is becoming a larger problem everywhere. To resolve this, college campuses need to be more strict when it comes to underage drinking. Underage drinking will never be condoned but students need to be more aware of their actions and the consequences of drinking. Alcohol poisoning is so common on college campuses and students need to be careful. Also, this article talks about how some kids drink just to resolve their issues which is a terrible reason to drink. There are other ways to resolve issues and alcohol is not one of the solutions. Problems like this can definitely be avoided with a little more strictness from colleges.

Excessive drinking among college students is a very prevalent issue among college students today. I agree with what you said about college being a transitory time for everyone involved which can lead to alcohol consumption and abuse. I believe this is related directly to the fact that one of the biggest changes we experience as students transitioning into the college atmosphere is the level of independence that we now have. Many of us have never experienced this much independence before and I think the most common reaction to that is to experiment as much as possible. Unfortunately, alcohol is probably the biggest area of experimentation. It is now almost engrained within the college atmosphere that drinking and partying is an expectation. Students look forward to college because they know they will be able to drink and participate in activities that they have not been able to before due to legal and parental reasons.

I personally do not believe there is anything wrong with experimenting and drinking when transitioning into college, but I believe there is a balance that needs to be found. Universities need to realize that no matter how strictly they enforce no drinking policies that their students will still find ways to obtain alcohol and drink. At the same time, students need to be more responsible and realize that with this new-found independence they also need to respect their limitations. I do not know what sort of resolution can be made of this but I only hope that something can be done so that universities can become more efficient and that their students can remain safe.

This was a very relatable topic since I am a freshman in college and I'm experiencing these changes that you mentioned in your post. Every college has students that drink and like to party and unfortunately, I don't see that stopping any time soon. People are aware of this and that's why colleges have prevention classes and workshops to educate students about the dangers of drinking alcohol in excess and what has happened to other students in the past because of this. The statistics that you mentioned in your post were interesting but did not surprise me because they seemed very accurate considering what I have experienced so far in college. I like this topic a lot and I would like to see you take this further by discussing the types of prevention steps that colleges take to decrease the amount of deaths and injuries due to drinking in college and the results from them.

Your blog post immediately caught my eye with your bold title that you chose call it. Although the topic of college drinking is not the most original topic and your title might not be considered “professional” it did the trick of catching attention. In a blog post especially like these where there are many different articles and summaries to choose from a catchy title is what draws in the reader and you did a fantastic job at that! Although this topic is over done it is popular because it is so relate-able to us, being incoming freshman alcohol and parties are all around us and for many of us this is a new experience and there are many different ways to process it. I liked how you included specific detail in your summary about the experiment or survey that took place. You did a very good job with overall explaining the experiment and what the researcher’s purpose and goals were for doing it. However what lacked in your blog post was a personal reflection on your opinions of college drinking and illegal teenage alcohol consumption. Do you support it? Are you against it? Do you just want to PARTYY? By including a point of view in your blog post it allows the reader to engage more in to the article and your writing. Overall I thought you did a very good job on what tends to be an overused topic here on Newsactivist. The only thing that would have made your post even better, would have been including your own personal reflection and view on the topic. Good job and once again nice title!

As a college student I feel that I can relate to this type of article in many ways. Also, I think this is a very good topic to talk about because it provides good information for some college students that aren't aware to the statistics. This article's information is spot on, but sometimes I think that colleges try and stop drinking more than they try to let their students learn about it and the consequences that come from it. Young adults break rules and cross lines, it's what we do! I think that colleges should put more time into giving students information on what partying to hard can lead to rather than cracking down so hard. Overall your article gave very specific details, and made a lot of great points. Next time try and put some of your view points on the topic and let us know where you stand on the topic.

I was drawn to this article due to the fact the title had the word party in it. I agree, College drinking is a major problem. This is a very good topic to bring about debate and brainstorm what a community and a school can do to address the situation. As a current college student I can relate to this topic very easily. I feel that college students are very reckless in college when it comes to drinking. I also feel they binge drink because they are living on their own and don't have their parents watching them. All in all college drinking is a very serious problem and needs to be addressed immediately.

I completely agree with this article. The article instantly captured my attention because it is something that could apply to my life in some form of fashion. This article is really good because it shows students the statistics and facts which may help lower the risks of reckless underage drinking in college. This is a very debatable topic because i feel there is no right or wrong way to address the problem. I think the author did a good job at explaining the procedure of the study and the results.

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