Are you disadvantaged?

by Rfran4 on October 28, 2013 - 8:40pm

The better your status, the better your health. In many countries people have come to believe that socioeconomic status (SES) has been linked with a person’s health. This has been supported with data from the West Jutland Cohort Study which aims at SES affecting the emotional aspect of one’s life. Gallo and Matthew, sociologist who ran the study, hypothesized that a low SES status’s leads to stress, which increases negativity, therefore lessening one’s ability to deal with stress. In order to run this study they had 3,054 14-15 year olds in west Jutland answer a questionnaire. They identified their parents and linked them together. When the study was over they found that lower parental education and lower household income are linked with higher levels of perceived stress in Danish adolescent. Life events and coping are ways to help mediate the SES versus health relation.


A person’s work experience and family’s social and economic status does often have a great effect on one’s health. According to the article disadvantaged adult populations are likely to experience mental distress. This journal implied that if you live a low quality life it is likely that your health can be affected by emotional distress. Many people will be able to come to this conclusion in they have confidence in their reason. Usually when one is in such a situation they are often blind to the truth. The authors use their intellectual courage in this journal. They were able to be true to themselves in listing their strengths and limitations. They accepted what they have learned but know that there is more investigating to be done.


Personally, I am unsure. I don’t think that this study is the most reliable source to prove that social status affect your health. I do agree that it could have some impact but I would really like to read more deeply this article that you have read. On the other hand, I found that the World Health Organization has a tool to measure the different effects on a population or a person’s health. It is called the Health Impact Assessment and it takes in consideration that a lot of external factors might influence our health. I believe that too much stress due to your social position, for example doctors, has huge effects on our brain, heart and even feelings. But I think there’s way more things that can do this too. For example, the HIA is based on four essential values: democracy, equity, sustainable development, ethical use of evidence. All this four elements can affect one’s life. The democracy, for example, offered people the chance to “participate in the development and implantation of policies or projects” in a certain way that may have some impact on their life. To conclude, this is just few examples of many elements that can affect our health situation. I think that health is kind of a mystery because we can make assumptions but it will always be abstract to people who study biology or anything like that.

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