Affairs of the Lips: The Power of Kissing

by kdust1 on September 13, 2013 - 2:28pm

The Article “Affair of the Lips” written by Walter Chip, describes the powerful effects of kissing on the human mind, body, and the significant other who shares the kiss. The act of kissing activates a flow of neural messages and chemicals that transfer sensations such as; stress relief, sexual eagerness, feelings of intimacy, inspiration and euphoria. Kissing can determine the seriousness of a relationship and even determine the willingness of wanting to support a family. In scientific aspects kissing may be caused by pheromones that are triggered through scent. Pheromones may contain androstenol and copulins which cause sexual arousal, creating an eagerness to be connected. In a particular study 15 college couples had their levels of Oxytocin and Cortisol tested before and after kissing. Oxytocin the hormone responsible for social bonding and orgasms, after kissing this hormone increased in males. Cortisol the hormone that relates to stress, was found to decrease in both males and females after kissing, which is why kissing is known to be a stress reliever. These studies show that kissing is more than just a way of showing affection, but has powers to affect many aspects of the mind, body, and interactions with others.  

            According to the article Kissing can affect people’s lives in many ways. I feel that kissing is a great way to connect with loved ones and a great way to relieve stress by decreasing Cortisol hormone and should be used by more people to relieve tension in their lives. Some connections between two people can’t ever truly be explained, but I believe pheromones do cause a chemical sexual attraction which can lead to kissing. The article explains that kissing can sometimes determine how far a relationship will go or how serious it is. I have to disagree with this belief, because one bad first kiss should not be the base of a relationship. Yes, first impressions are big but sometimes nerves should be taken into consideration. By giving more than just one chance, may change the quality of the kiss which could change the impression of a long lasting and passionate relationship.

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