What is the benefit to studying law as a social science?

by DivyanshSharma on December 3, 2015 - 12:25am

What is the benefit to studying law as a social science?

In our everyday life we see, hear or in one way or another we talk about the law. In order to understand the law, we have to learn where law originated from. In many ways law originates from social norms, what society accepts socially. For example social norms such as not putting your hands on other people is considered and it is now part of the law. In studying the law as a social science we see what stigmas help us develop the base of our lawful society. Social sciences help us form a bridge between the corrections that our society needs. Through a sociological perspective we see that sociological perspectives help us form our rules and regulations. Laws are needed in order to keep society from becoming dissolved into chaos. It is not that social norms help form laws it is also vice versa. We act behave the way we do now days based on the laws. For example we drive on speed limits because it is the law. Another great way to see this would be looking at the “Elf on the Shelf” where kids behave a certain way, a good way because they think that the elf is authoritative. In this case for them not misbehaving and doing the right thing is a law. This can be related to adults they drive on speed limits not to get a fine not to get in trouble with the authority. Law as a social science is beneficial in understanding the crime itself and its motive. Through a sociological point it help you question why the person may or may not have committed the crime. It brings about questions such as “what factors could have effected the persons train of thought in order to commit the crime? What could have altered the persons mind into preventing them from committing the crime?.” It may also help question how a person exactly broke the law and question the social norms that help to either prevent this from happening again and why it may have occurred in the first place. Analyzing law in this form allows the use of the different perspectives to obtain information in another way giving several benefits. Our society is never changing and always progressing. We gain knowledge upon this subject because there are ways to approach this as an academic field. Other questions may ask how laws are created, enforced, and obeyed. This is the foundation of understanding laws of modern society. There are many other benefits to studying law as a social science but one of the main one is that we get to understand the history behind the law. The history reflects upon the reasoning that the law was made. Sociology is structured to clarify why things happen in particular social orders. Law helps us take in the diverse speculations or points of view about it, or how it relates more to how society is organized and how it impacts society's activities, they are all imperative.





You made very good points and showed why it is important to study law as a social science. Offering different examples like the one about learning from past legal issues to prevent them in the future. Good job.

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