Rainbows over the Sochi Olympics

by maxle14 on October 3, 2013 - 8:57am





Petersburg’s fourth annual Pride parade took part in Russia and Anti-gay protestors started to assault Pride supporters.Then, Russia created a new law of ‘’anti-propaganda ‘’ which means that it prohibits public displays of anything gay. This was voted on June by a vote of 436 to 0. Now, the sochi Olympics is approaching and they don’t want the civil liberties of Russia-bound athletes and visitors to make trouble. They want to enforce the legislation during Olympics.


My opinion : I think  people that are homosexual do not decide it. I suppose the Sochi Olympics is not the right time to protest. People go there to have fun and they are waiting for this moment. They do not want people to disturb their fun and the competitions of their favorite athletes.


Do you think the Sochi Olympics is the best time to protest homosexuality ?



In my opinion, Russia is taking advantage of the Olympics to extend its anti-homosexual legislation to people from all over the world. By constraining athletes from other countries, the Russian government wants to impose and "promote" its reactionary values. I think it is a shameful strategy because the Olympic games are a universal event. They aim to unite nations, not to divide them. Russians KNOW that many countries are defenders of homosexuals' rights. In fact, their legislation is a deliberate provocation against Occidental countries and it is completely at the opposite of the Olympics' philosophy. However, I hope that many nations will see the Sochi Olympics as an opportunity to contest Russia's law since this law is against the most basic human rights.

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