Citizen-initiated referendum possible with PQ minority

by pierre-olivier_tremblay on October 3, 2013 - 9:07am

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A future referendum about sovereignty is a current issue. The PQ and Pauline Marois relegate sovereignty for another moment, more suitable. Perhaps, a citizen-initiated referendum could be possible with the actual PQ minority. Also, during the next two years, the PQ will be watching what happens in Scotland very closely, because the referendum of independence in Scotland will take place in 2014. In addition to this, PQ considers very seriously all of the parameters: the perfect timing and no repetition of the errors of past referendums.

Personally, I’m pro sovereignty, but, at this moment, I don’t think that it is the perfect timing for a referendum with a PQ minority; and all the difficulties in the National Assembly with the Parti Québécois, the Quebec Liberal Party and the Coalition Avenir Québec. The minority in the National Assembly brings to the ruling party instability and the stress of a new election at the slightest threat. At this moment, the “winning conditions” for a sovereignty referendum, inmy opinion, does not exist, because opposition parties will cause the actual government to fall government if they hold a referendum.

Discussion Question : When is the perfect moment for a referendum about sovereignty ?




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