The Truth About Mainstream Media

by InfoBased on February 1, 2017 - 12:57pm

Mainstream media such as newspapers, radio and television have become an essential way of transmitting various news, events, tragedies and much more globally, but just how diluted is the information we are receiving on a daily basis? Many people may have never even considered the fact that the news they are given each day by known reporters and news analysts has been diluted to make it "consumable" by the public. Numerous Journalists in developing countries are subjected to various acts of violence and torture due to the fact that they have reported on a subject that people with higher power want to suppress. 

We as a population depend on these news outlets to deliver concrete news on what's currently going on in our world and therefore be aware of situations that may include us and the future of our country, but what if i told you that the government and people in place of power have the ability to distort and create a mirage over the information we receive. In my opinion the news should be as transparent as possible due to the fact that millions of people learn and create opinions on matters according to what is reported by mainstream media. For many years, preliminary to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and subsequently after "coverage of international events is declining more than any other subject" according to the Pew Research Center's recent study of American Journalism. Accurate and reliable news coverage of the worlds issues should be critical and necessary because if people come to these news outlets to become increasingly informed and manufacture their opinions and beliefs based on what is said by these reporters than the information that is given should be an accurate and non-biased opinion to invoke people to develop their own opinions on the matter instead of influencing them into believing what people of power want them to believe. 

In conclusion, the mainstream media is a never ending black hole of diluted and distorted news in order to manipulate the viewer into believing what people of power want them to believe instead of them being able to create their own personal view and opinion on the news they receive, i will leave you with a question, should people of power have the ability to distort and build a mirage on whatever they deem too important or want to suppress from their citizens?


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First of all, thank you for sharing this interesting piece of information. In the light of the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, the term "fake news" became widely spread and that is how I became aware that some of the most influential media outlets were manipulating the news. However, I did not know how standard and common this practice was, so it was very interesting to read about this issue.

I notice that you seem to be adopting a more utilitarian standpoint, which simply promotes the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Indeed, you mention that biased news reports negatively affect millions of people and that transparent news would, in return, benefit them by properly cultivating their minds. I think this is best and most logical reason to believe that media’s distortion of news is wrong. Naturally, we would want the entire population to be well-informed.

Let me introduce to you a different ethical framework that could also help analyze the matter. Virtue ethics determines morality based on the agent; if the agent possesses a virtue, then his/her actions would also be deemed virtuous (right), and vice-versa. In this situation, the agent would be those in power, the media outlets. Since everyone can agree that dishonesty is not virtuous, the virtue ethics framework would argue that media’s manipulation of the news is definitely wrong.

In the end, I agree that what news outlets are doing is absolutely wrong and highly unethical, and this statement is supported by both utilitarianism and virtue ethics.