The Dangers of Remaining Ignorant

by CharlyB on February 5, 2017 - 6:01pm

How many times have we looked at someone and, almost immediately, assumed aspect or even the entire entity that were staring at? This is an aspect of human instinct considered, at least for the most part, as normal. However, when this aspect and very malicious ideologies get mixed together and remains unchecked, the results can be very dangerous.

On January 6, this year, four individuals kidnapped a teenager of caucasian ethnicity and tortured him while broadcasting live in a facebook video. Throughout the video, they forced him to drink water from a toilet while cutting him with a knife. This was accompanied by various racially-fueled statements; as well as hate for both the kidnapped individual's skin color and a particular recently elected president. Did the kidnapped individual deserve this? Had he been of African-american ethnicity, would this have changed anything in whether he deserved it or not? I don't think so, because that is essentially all it took. A person just happen to have been born a lighter skin tone than what would be considered a certain "tolerable" ethnicity and they ruined his life for it.

Is this what we progressed into, as human beings? People have gotten so out of hand with their acclaimed "progressive" views that their intolerance for alledged injustice becomes the very foundation of their ironic display. Speaking ideally, everyone should be judged as individuals and with their respective individual actions. When we generalise an aspect of a person (e.g. All hispanics, Most men, etc.), we close off a node of individuality and let our pre-conceived and, usually, negative assumptions rule over it. 
This, to my strongest belief, causes a person to unconsciously expect and immediately jump to conclusions on that aspect, essentially creating self-fulfilling prophecies out of it, such as: jumping to the conclusion that an employer is sexist for picking a man over a woman to do a fill in a certain job, when it is entirely possible that they had very justified ulterior reason for doing so (e.g. The man could made a much better impression). In my opinion, things like racism and sexism are born when an individual closes off so many of these individuality nodes and let their assumptions fill in the blanks. Since I believe that this is a human-based dilemma, no individual humanoid is actually immune to falling into any of these categories. Not even the people who point their finger at someone without any form of evidence or educated deductions and accuse them of racism or sexism.
As I conclude this post, I know it's so much easier to just generalise people, so much easier to not give anyone the time of day due to seeing their patterns before and predicting what they'll do based on the group of people they are categorised in. However, just because it is not easy, doesn't mean that it is acceptable to give up on striving for such a thing. As Martin Luther King Jr, himself, once said, "I refuse to accept the idea that the ‘isness’ of man’s present nature makes him morally incapable of reaching up for the eternal ‘oughtness’ that forever confronts him."




I really like your introduction as it intrigues the reader to continue on and pay attention to what you have to say. Nice choice of topic too.

I am shocked by the story you that share in your article. I did not hear about that event before and I find it truly concerning that people still commit racist acts in 2017. Haven't we learned that there is only one race and that it is the human race? People think that because caucasian people are racist with black people that it is politically correct for black people to avenge their people by torturing caucasian people, but it is still racism. Your article demonstrates well the conflict that we face and i like that you keep addressing to your public by asking them questions that help them question the human integrity. Very well written.