Necessity or yearning

by rachelstephanii on September 9, 2015 - 11:02pm

    In the early appearance of mankind, humans lived from farming and hunting in order to survive. The morality of that lifestyle had not been questioned at that time because the survival of the human kind depended on it. As humankind evolved, its ways and technologies changed too and with that, knowledge evolved. As a result many found ways to find all the needed nutriments for their bodies without hunting and harming animals. Some even found ways so that they would not consume animals or their products. They’re known as vegans.

    People chose this lifestyle for the improvement of the environment, a better health and the well being of the wildlife. When observing the vegan community and their ways, questions on the morality of meat-eating arise. Would you cook your family dog when you have alternative food in your fridge?(Torpy). If not, why would you kill a pig or a cow for the same purpose? Those interrogations sum up to one big question: Is it okay for humankind to keep feeding on the wildlife when it’s no longer necessary for its survival? As the vegan outreach association mentions, Expansion of livestock production is a key factor in deforestation”(human destruction) therefore, when maintaining a vegan lifestyle, we would reduce the “carbon-footprint”(Torpy) imprinted on the environment. Not only does this lifestyle have a positive impact on the flora, but when “Elimination meat and choosing a nutritious vegan diet [it] will reduce cholesterol (which is only found in animal production), calorie intake, and many food-borne illnesses”(Torpy).

   Overall, the vegan lifestyle is a way of life that would follow modern day humanism values because it wouldn’t jeopardize mankind survival, one’s wellness would increase and there would be less pollution in the atmosphere.  


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This is a very interesting topic. Society today are becoming more and more meat dependent but there is also a great amount of people that are vegans, and are trying to help decrease the killing of animals. Vegan is a very interesting way of life and many say they wouldn't be able to do it because they needed their meat. But there are so many meat alternatives that can almost perfectly disguise as a normal piece of meat. I think going vegan is becoming slowly more popular and I also think it will be the way the whole population will have to go because of the pollution it is causing.