Earth’s Rising Health Issues

by mimeault.eric on November 19, 2015 - 11:00am

In today’s society, climate change and the health of the earth is slowly becoming a very big issue. Every day, there is more and more evidence coming out that our population is causing too much harm to the earth’s environment. Governments around the world are starting to input stronger laws to society to try and reduce the harm being done.

This subject first came to me while reading the article, “BC Humanist Response to Climate Leadership Plan” written by the British Columbia Humanist Association. The article explained that British Columbia’s government was one of the first governments to put in laws to try and reduce greenhouse gasses by 2050. The BC humanist association believes that there is more restrictions needed to be made to help the earth. They believe that the government should look at the science proving the earth’s harm, because it will allow them to see the big problem and show them that more laws are needed (British Columbia Humanist Association).

Many people see earth as a very big non-destroyable planet and that things can be done without major harm to the earth. For example, burying nuclear radiation deep in the ground thinking it will not do any harm because the earth is so big. People have been thinking like this for many years and now it is starting to come back to us in a huge way. If scientists examining the earth’s climate change that relate to our activities that are being made, we should stop most of them right now. That’s what I think the BC Humanist Association is trying to say to the government. That changes need to be made now. Humanists believe in taking care of all humans which include the next generations (IHEU Congress 2002). If the science is showing the problems that are occurring and why they are occurring, shouldn’t we stop those actions? There are theories and concepts in the world of science that also provides explanations of why the earth is actually fine. For example, the Gaia Theory. This theory explains that all the living organism have grouped up with all the inorganic matter to become one big living system that re-regulates the earth’s environment (LLC, Entrepreneural Earth). I think a theory like this can only keep people optimistic about the situation. I feel like it is very difficult to actually have something natural that will re-regulate the earth. I do believe in the science that is being provided to show us that the earth is facing a major problem and that changes are needed to be made.

The earth is a very big complex planet that has many aspects to it. Scientists have found a great amount of research to show that the earth’s health is on a downhill and change should be made. Governments are starting to input laws to help with the issue which is a great start. The BC Humanist Association believes that more laws are needed to help the earth, do you believe that too or is the earth fine to you?

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