For the Children

by matthewlep on November 21, 2015 - 6:45pm

In a letter sent to Nicky Morgan, Ofsted’s Chief Inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw has exposed that at least 15 illegal and unregistered schools are operating across England, with a majority of these schools being ‘faith’ schools. Recorded over 800 children across England are in attendance of these unregistered ‘faith’ schools. These children are being abused and are exposed to poor living standards. The British Humanist Association has warned the Department of Education with the problem of these illegal ‘faith’ schools. Over the last year inspectors have been investigated 28 of these illegal institutions on the only on the suspicion that these schools were operating and in 15 of these cases were correct with there suspicion.

A Muslim school in Birmingham that has been investigated has been reported to be dreadful teaching conditions and no environment for children to be living in. Sir Michael Wilshaw stated that they don’t have enough evidence to be able to shut down these schools before demanding for all schools to be registered or shut down. Responding to Sir Michael’s letter, Nicky Morgan said that the Government was taking ‘robust steps to tackle unregistered schools and improve safeguarding’, but that ‘more needs to be done’ if the problem is to be properly resolved. The government conformed to knowing about these unregistered schools, every year that the Government fails to take action, thousands more children are subjected to abuse. Children should be able to have an education and proper living standards and hopefully in the near future these schools should either be shut down of become legible to be registered.