The challenge faced by African humanism

by yvesroland on September 9, 2015 - 11:57pm


The challenge faced by African Humanism


            According to Wikipedia, Humanism is a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively, and generally prefers critical thinking and evidence through ideas. Having an idea is good but what's even better is proposing these ideas and letting people know them. Good ideas never dies on an institutional level but does on a personal level. Having these ideas is what makes up humanism and that is why humanism is still in an organisational and developmental level in Africa. Many African peasants have lost their potential to think, invent, create and change the world, and consequently they have lost faith in earthly things. These African peasants have placed their hope in posthumous life and believe that ghosts, demons and gods will solve their earthly problems.


            However, can we just assume that since African peasants do not care about their ideas, then it is the main reason why humanism is not developed in Africa?  Or are there any other important reason as to why African humanism is not developed? And if yes what are these reason?


            I strongly believe no. There are many other reason as to why African humanism is not developed. According to the New Jersey Humanist Network, others factors affects the growth of African humanism. These factors are;


Poor Educational Systems: For education to be real it must change one's life and it must start from one's environment. African education is just a mere transplantation of facts into people's brain, it does not study the process of natural resources, how to make paper or how to think critically. This does not give way to build ideas and so humanism is slowed down..


Poor Politics: If many African Politician practice humanism, then it would have change its status quo but poor politics has led to poor social situation in Africa. Even though many African government received donations to develop their country, they use this money to buy weapons in order to keep themselves in power.


Massive Poverty: We all know that poverty is not a striking fact about Africa. When someone is trapped at this level, bad attitudes like aggression arises to help sustain life and so one does not have time to create a humanist association because they focus on surviving.


Many other factors affecting the growth of African humanism are: Imported Religion and African Mysticism.


            Unfortunately, many humanist group will only tell you that Africa is to blame for its slow growth in humanism. What about all those European countries like France and the U.K who come to Africa to steal our natural resources and live them with nothing. What about those countries that sell weapons and armory to African countries in order to fight wars against other African countries. They all say they came peace to help us but they actually come to steal from us and leave us to die and kill each other. Many African leaders like Zaire's Joseph Mobutu, Central African Republic's Jean Bokasa and Lybia's Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar Al-Gaddafi were considered the bad guys because they challenged these European countries and they were eventually assassinated. Consequently African countries will strive for survival not forming humanist group.


Nice post with all arguments. The last paragraph about Europeans is very interesting

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