Scientists say they are making progress in a Zika vaccine

by mbullock2014 on May 11, 2017 - 6:07pm

           I was interested in learning about vaccines after reading about the super-bug. The article that I picked talks about discovering a vaccine the Zika virus. The virus is caused by mosquito bites, and the article talks about how many pregnant women were affected last year. I like that the article talks about the scientist is in the second phase. I'm glad that the scientist is trying to find a vaccine for this virus. Jueun Choi, author of  "Scientists says that they are making progress in a Zika Vaccine," says, "About  2,500 healthy participants in the U.S and South America will be tested in areas of confirmed or potential active mosquito-transmitted Zika infection". The article also talks about what effects the virus has on pregnant women. Jueun Choi, Author of "Scientists says they are making progress in a Zika Vaccine," says, "Zika causes microcephaly for infants, which can cause deformities, intellectual disability, and speech problems. Last year, 1,617 pregnant women in the U.S. were affected, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)". I came across this article and the titled grabbed my intention. I was shocked to see how many pregnant women were infected last year, I am glad the author of this story put the symptoms in the article. the symptoms are a fewer, rash, joint pain, and red eyes. I hope in 2019 the scientists can do the study. I was interested in the super-bug when we had to read about it. I thought for my final project I can look and see if I can find an article on a virus. I

                                             was shocked that the article said that there is rarely anyone who dies from this virus. How many people that died from this virus? I was glad to see that as of last year it is not a global emergency. I think it is great there might be a new vaccine for this virus. I know in the summer I get bit from mosquitos all the time, So I think it will be good to help prevent people getting a new virus. Are there anymore symptoms to this virus? This vaccine could help many people from this virus. I agree with this article because it is better to find out the vaccine so people won't get sick. I know there are some people who will disagree with me because vaccines sometimes can do harm to people. I would rather see people not get sick, and I rather see the number of affected people go down. Will this vaccine help prevent people getting this virus? I hope the vaccine will work, and I hope people will know what this virus is. I am glad I did read this because I did not know what Zika virus was about. I am going to make sure if I get bit by a mosquito that I don't get sick. I hope these scientists will get through the second phase, and have better knowledge of the result from the study. I hope people will consider getting the vaccine when the scientists is all done.



I was startled by the Zika virus two semesters ago when it was the talking point for one of my classmates speeches in public speaking. She was from New Zealand and she was informing us of what the virus was, how it was transmitted, and what kind of effects it had on it's carriers. I was shocked to find out about how it causes birth defects in the child when an infected woman becomes pregnant. However, I was floored to learn that the Zika virus has been around for over fifty years and it's only becoming a widespread issue now? Where has the reporting been for the last several decades for this potential pandemic? I'm glad to know that there is a vaccine in the works, because it has some scary potential to effect a lot of unsuspecting people.

This was a fascinating read and it made me reflect on a moment when I heard more about this outbreak. Last summer, I was visiting my sister in South Carolina. We had heard on the news how there were eleven cases of people who had the zika virus. It was transmitted when they were abroad. When they returned to SC, the virus was transmitted sexually. Hearing about it was frightening, because when it was first discovered, everyone originally thought it was being carried by the mosquitos in SC. There was still precautions to ensure plenty of safety. While hearing about the vaccine that scientists are working on, I wonder if there will be any side effects that may occur. I also wonder how effective the vaccine would turn out to be. I provided a link below concerning the zika virus in South Carolina, if anyone was interested in viewing.

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