New Male Birth Contraceptives

by mira2917 on May 14, 2017 - 6:12pm

New Male Birth Contraceptives


Young girls and women everywhere instantly begin to think about what form of birth control will work for them the moment they have their first sexual encounter. But the question is, why do females instantly take on this precaution while men barely need to think ahead enough to bring a condom? Women already take on the burden of menstrual cycles and the possibility of growing a baby in their stomach, why should they also have to go through the struggles of finding a birth control that works for them? This article discusses the advances the medical field has been making in regards to new male birth contraceptives.


The article explains that in this latest study, three hundred and twenty men from around the world were given a two hormone contraceptive injection. Being created to lower sperm count and expected to be ninety-six percent effective, the trial was cut short due to the men participants reporting “too many side effects”. The procedure was a simple shot given every 8 weeks consisting of  the synthetic form of testosterone and norethisterone enanthate, basically evolving from the hormones in female birth control. Scientists realized that many men had begun to withdraw from the testing due to the side effects it began to cause. The most frequent side effect reported was acne, the next was irregular mood swings. One man in the study developed severe anxiety, while another attempted to commit suicide. Due to this, the study was cut short. The administers speaking with the men that did not discontinue the injection, reported that they would continue to use this birth control if it was available. The article doesn’t forget to mention that women have had to deal with the same type of side effects with many of their hormonal birth control options.

In the past few months I have struggled with multiple types of birth control, making the idea of anything associated with contraceptives painful and emotional. The idea of male birth control has crossed my mind so many times recently that I had to do more research on it. I find it aggravating that so many of the participants discontinued to volunteer from the research just because there were side effects. Women deal with these side effects every day, but continue to tolerate them for her own safety the safety of her sexual partner. People argue that men resist the use of contraceptives because they do not run the risk of getting pregnant as women do without protection. I find this upsetting and it completely proves that there is a double standard and unfair burden on women in society. This leads me to ask the questions: what other types of male birth control can be created and tested? Could these hormones be developed in a pill form? Lastly, because it lowers sperm count, does sperm count regulate back to normal once the hormones are no longer taken? The development of a male contraceptive could affect new generations immensely, depending on how and if society and the male population chooses to use it.


Hello mira2917,

First off, your article caught my eye only by its title. I was curious about that special male contraception. I know about condoms, but they're the only ones that I am aware of for men. I find it interesting how scientists have been trying to make contraception methods more about both sexes.

I think that it would be an excellent idea to have men taking contraceptive pills. Even though there are plenty of ways to avoid pregnancies, none of them are 100% efficient. When it comes to birth control, I consider that there is never too much of any kind of protection. If a woman wants to be protected, there is a reason behind it. Not being ready to have children is possible, and protection, in this case, becomes primordial, by respect to any woman. Even though a woman is taking pills and the man wears a condoms, it is possible that the condom pierces since it is not, in any way, proven to be fully efficient. If it occurs, a woman finds herself in a position where she must take action. This is majorly why I think men should absolutely take these extra contraceptive methods seriously, even though they have side effects, since they would probably reduce the level of stress in their love life and daily life. It would only be fair for a woman if her boyfriend went through the same thing she did, in my opinion. After all, when a couple is waiting for a baby, the woman is the one "suffering" the most, having to carry the child, suffer from body transformations, etc. It would only be respectful to think about what a woman wants before doing anything and taking the time to acknowledge all the efforts women are doing to keep themselves from not getting pregnant at young ages.

Imagine this: a 15 years old, still in high school, getting pregnant. Put yourself in that girl's shoes. How does she feel and how does she deal with this lack of precaution?

Hi mira2917,

First, your title attracted my attention. While reading our article, I understood and realized how it was mostly a girl’s job to find protection. You said that they had to stop the trial because men were facing too many side effects, while it hasn’t been easier for us, women. Also, you are saying that the article did mention that women had to deal with the similar type of side effects with many of their hormonal birth control. To support this point you could use this article,, showing what can birth control do to women who are taking it. If you bring this particular article to your text, it would prove how we do not have it easier with the hormonal birth control, side effects are part of it and we can never know who’s going to be affected by these.

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