satellite looking into missing malaysia flight detects suspected crash site

by shelly27 on March 12, 2014 - 7:26pm

1.The speakes purpose of this speech was is to find out what happened to the missing malaysian aircraft flight 370. The chinese satelillte may have taken some images of some debris on march 9th but wasn't relealed into wednesday


2. The speakers in this speech are a news anchor jake tapper and richard quest. the anchors has attention from the world as well as the families of the flight victims to see if the debris was actually from the flight.


3. The purpose was to inform the public that they may have a lead into the aircraft that disapepeared. it informed the public that they found three meters from the images they are (13x18), (14x19), (24x22). the images puts the plane where is was suppose to be last seem


4The positive outcome of the speech is they might have a possible lead to where the plane is or have crashed. it implicates that we make have an idea to where the plane has went down due to the images from the satillite


I like that you chose a really important but tragic news broadcast. Watching the reporters speak about such a terrible thing and have so little answers was frustrating . So finally, according to recent news, officials have found the missing plane and has put everyone at ease. The most current news broadcast's purpose is to inform the world that the once missing Malaysia Plane has been found in the Indian Ocean unfortunately, with no survivors. The reporter’s audience is not only the family members of those who were passengers on the plane but for everyone around the world. The speakers have successfully accomplished putting the passenger’s families at ease along with the rest of the world population. They basically let the world know that a plane cannot just go missing for several days and just disappear. The news broadcast definitely reassured the world that they have had and still have this very unfortunate event under control. The only negative implication this speech has brought on is for the family members of the deceased passengers. Yes, the families have gotten closure but now they have to deal with the death of their loved ones instead of dealing with that tiny bit of hope that they were still alive and well somewhere in the world.
I feel it was necessary to comment on your post because now that the plane has been found, my link is like the missing puzzle piece!

Link to most current news broadcast on missing plane (now found):

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