President Obama's Immigration Reform

by Elsa-Kay on March 17, 2014 - 12:51am

The main purpose of President Obama’s speech was to discuss Immigration Reform.

The audience consisted of business leaders, faith leaders, labor leaders, and law enforcement leaders, Democratic and Republican mayors. There were multiple people from each business sector mentioned.

President Obama’s purpose was to inform his audience on the benefits of Immigration Reform and to remind them that the great nation was built by immigrants. I think he accomplished his purpose of reminding them. “It has helped to build the greatest economic experience.” He went on to inform the audience of the many contributions that immigrants continue to make for this country. “Immigrants created companies like Google and Yahoo, which in turn create new jobs for our economy. One in four high tech startups was started by immigrants.”

The speech had many positive implications. President Obama did not just talk about how immigrants can benefit from the United States of America. He positively points out that there are many International students that we are educating to take their knowledge elsewhere because they are not allowed to stay after they have completed their studies. “Intel was started by an immigrant that studied here and stayed. Instagram was started by an immigrant who study here and stayed.” As an individual his speech will cause him to gain many support. His audience was sold, because he went on to remind them that this unless you are Native American you migrated here for one reason or another.


I think that you have well pointed out the important information from President Obama's speech and you seem to have a good understanding of the issue regarding immigration in the United States. I've have found a speech from Rand Paul a Republican Senator from Kentucky who explains his plan regarding immigration. Since President Obama is a Democrat I believe that Mr. Paul's speech could be useful for you to look at and see the opinion of the rival party.

It was quite interesting to hear views from the opposing party. I guess I went into the Democrats that they are serving now.
Thank you.

You did a great job describing Obama's speech. Also, pointing and resuming the positive points was really well done. Here's a speech from Kennedy about his point of view in immigration. Kennedy also describe many advantages about immigration and explains it clearly by making analogies. Feel free to listen to it at:

Thank you JL. I was unaware that Kennedy spoke on this and had such strong views. Info appreciated.

Very interesting speech you chose. I learned a few things while reading your summary. The facts you mentioned like Yahoo and Instagram being started by immigrants was news to me, I had no idea! Justin Trudeau makes a very interesting and strong point considering immigration in Canada during this interview at 3:05, I believe it’s worth watching:

Thank you for your response. The speech by President Obama was very powerful and direct. I appreciate you sharing a link on a similar topic.

Good speech and topic to talk about. Your description of Obama's speech was detailed and informed me a lot about this topic of debate. I found Sen. Rand Paul's speech on immigration reform from 2013, in which he stated many of the same befits of immigration reform as Obama did. He focuses mainly on Hispanic minorities and how they have a part in their culture. He also talks about all immigrants and how immigrants are an asset for America not a liability. How these people want better lives for themselves and how education establishments have a big part to do with this. Worth a watch!!!

Hi VanessaPace,
Thank you reading my post. Until now, I was unaware that anyone in the rival party would be for immigration reform. I am happy that you shared this link.

You did a good job talking about Obama’s speech on immigration reform. Your text was nicely structured and did not include the typical question/answer format which makes it original and fun to read. In relation to your article on Obama’s immigration Reform, this speech from Senator Graham might interest you: In Senator Graham’s speech on comprehensive Immigration reform, Senator Graham tries to undermine the main arguments against the immigration reform. His first point was extremely valuable as he mentions that what most have against immigration is that there are very few immigrants who have an education surpassing the 10th grade. To this he responded that he, an American senator, was from parents whom neither graduated from high school and that there are a lot of “self-made” people in America, therefore, an education is not everything.

You never know until you know. I was not aware of this speech, it is appreciated. What most people fail to understand and in most cases refuses to accept is that "we" want what is best for our children. That means many immigrants from all over might come here open small businesses but still encourage their children to get an education. For Americans this country is just a country, for immigrants they see this country as a place to make their dreams come through.

You did a very good summary, kept me interested until the end of your article. However, where can I find this speech? There is no link in your article.. I found a video from a couple years back of a news segment concerning Canada's immigration situation which might interest you! It's always interesting to compare policies from two countries, especially neighbouring ones. But altogether, great article and great topic!

The video I linked is from CTV News. It features a former director of immigration in Canada, James Bissett as he answers important questions on the topic. It addresses many different questions, it is very informative.

Link to video:

Thanks for viewing my post. I am very happy you did. I did not even think let alone remember to include the link. It would have made it better. This will not happen again, I will not forget to include such a valuable info.

You have done a great job at showing the relevant information of this speech. On another hand, in another Obama's speech called the state of the union 2014 address: Obama on army Ranger Cory Remsburg, in his speech he aims at showing the importance of not giving up and persevering in life like Mr Remsburg did. In his speech Obama also thanks the ex army ranger for his patriotism and bravery. The targeted audience in this speech is not only Ranger Cory Remsburg but also for the entire country to hear about this hero and to have thoughts for the family. In addition, Obama is very successful at sending his message through a very powerful tone of voice, by the fact that he knows his speech by hearth is makes it a lot more natural. Another proof that shows how the speaker accomplishes successfully to send his message to the public is because at the end everyone stands up and claps their hands for the courageous Ranger Cory. Finally in this speech there are mostly positive implication for the public as well as the individuals because it is simply a speech to cheer for Cory Remsburg health and to wish him best of luck for his long rehab period. However this speech could be seen as a very sad true of war, where a great soldier can get shot at or injured for the rest of is life, it is an extremely scary risk.
link to Audio speech:

Hi Sherifs,
First let me thank you for reading my post. President Obama speaks effortlessly in his speeches and this one honoring Cory Remsburg was no different. I wish to one have such a command when I speak publicly.

I applaud Cory Remsburg. He has the heart of an angel. He loves his country selflessly. To be honest, I would wish to serve again after such experience. I am happy that he has such a big heart.
May God bless him.

Hi Sherifs,
First let me thank you for reading my post. President Obama speaks effortlessly in his speeches and this one honoring Cory Remsburg was no different. I wish to one have such a command when I speak publicly.

I applaud Cory Remsburg. He has the heart of an angel. He loves his country selflessly. To be honest, I would wish to serve again after such experience. I am happy that he has such a big heart.
May God bless him.

I like your article, Barack Obama is quite a remarkable man and that speech is just as remarkable as he is. This news summary is very linked to a volunteer paper I earlier made in my course. I asked four organisations to volunteer in their institution to contribute to the improvement of immigrant`s adaptation in Quebec. Obama's goal by making that speech was to show the benefits of newcomers in his country and he succeeded very well. My paper is linked, because by volunteering I show my openness to other cultures and contribute to the arrivals of immigrants. So, in a way I kind of contribute to the benefits of immigration that it can bring just as that speech by influencing people of the goods of immigration.

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