Why Monitoring Guns in America is Necessary

by jpd95 on February 2, 2015 - 9:20pm

Another case for gun control in the United States has come up.  A toddler in New Mexico reached into his mother’s purse to grab an iPod – but instead he pulled out a 9mm handgun.


According to the article on the Montreal Gazette website, written by the National Post and published on January 2, 2015, merely seconds after picking up the handgun the three-year-old child accidently fired one shot.  The shot “hit his father in the buttock”, went through and “then struck his mother in the shoulder”.  The parents were taken to hospital and are expected to survive.  His mother, however, is “eight months pregnant” and is described “as ‘seriously’ injured”.


This shooting is the “latest in which a young child fired [an] … unsecured weapon” whether by accident or by playing with the weapon.  In 75% of cases where a child shot dead by accidents in the USA, another child fired the weapon.  Last month in Missouri, “a five-year-old shot dead his nine-month brother”, the child had found his grandfather’s loaded pistol.  In Idaho last December “a mother was shopping at a Walmart store died after her two-year-old son reached into her purse and accidently fired her handgun”.


I firmly believe that if a country’s government decides to not implement gun control, as is the case in the United States, people who are purchasing weapons needs to be better educated as to how easy it is for a gun to go off.  People need to also be educated as to how to properly store a handgun and how to make sure accidents cannot happen.  Parents need to also take every precaution possible to make sure their children do not have access to the weapon at any time.


Your article was very clear and complete and I was very interested while reading it. I completely agree with your opinion as I believe monitoring gun is necessary and vital, not only in America but also everywhere else where it is allowed. I think that you gave good examples and I find the second one, in which the kid killed his mother, completely devastating and horrifying.
I think that you chose a very reliable source, which is the Montreal Gazette, to write your article since it is Quebec’s oldest daily newspaper and it was founded in 1778, which is quite impressive! More than 100 000 copies are being printed every day, which shows that it has a great audience, and this is why I believe you can trust your source.
I believe that this is a great debate subject, since gun control is being put more forward than ever, even in the United States. With tragedies like the ones you described happening, the population is starting to understand the urge and the necessity to impose gun control. A political candidate was even elected last week by putting forward and supporting gun control. If you want to read more about her opinion, you can follow the link below: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/27/us/voting-primary-jesse-jackson-jr-hou...