Us and Them: A Story of the Forgotten Parisian Suburbs

by MoJo JoJo on January 25, 2015 - 9:05pm

The recent terror attacks just outside Paris have exposed certain problems within French suburbs. The immigrant community in Paris usually congregates in certain suburban areas as a stepping stone to French society. The poorer suburbs of the French capital have, however, suffered due to the lack of funding and neglect from the government.  Many suburban residents feel disregarded  and forgotten by the state. They feel like outcasts. This isolation leads to internal problems such as high crime rates and poor living conditions. The immigrant majority that live in these neighborhoods develops a separation mentality, an important factor that has contributed to the increase in homegrown terrorism. Thus, the government needs to do more to include the people in these suburbs.

            The poor conditions that characterize the suburbs have considerable repercussions on the residents. As seen with the latest terror attacks, the government’s neglect has only worsened the situation. As a result, more needs to be done to reduce the social gap that exists between the suburbs and the rest of Paris. These neighborhoods need to be  included in the government’s plans to give the community a sense of belonging.

            The original article written by ​Saskya Vandoorne, "Charlie Hebdo attacks shine spotlight on Paris's neglected suburbs" was published on the CNN main website on the 23rd of January 2015. To learn more about the story or to simply read the whole article follow the following link: I find this source reliable as it is a widely trusted news outlet that I have relied on for many years.


You cannot neglect the people, if you do you can see what can stir up as a consequence. You cannot expect people to be happy if they do not live in decent areas. Growing crimes and more and more people unhappy does not make a good thing. They should at least put more cops over in those areas to bring down the criminal activities. When your population feels rejected and forgotten you will see that they will make sure they are seen. It might not be in the best way.