Two Homicides, No Suspects

by TL13 on April 27, 2015 - 9:21pm

“Winnipeg police search for ‘person of interest’ in homicides targeting homeless” by Peter Chura and Shannon Cuciz on April 26, 2015 on Global News.

On April 25, 2015, the police found two dead bodies downtown in Winnipeg. They believe that the same killer is responsible for the two separate homicides, as they believe that they are also connected. The officers think that the murderer is targeting homeless or vulnerable people. The first body was a late 40 year-old man found in an alley and the second one was a man in his late 60s found behind 333 Portage Avenue. The two males were both vulnerable in a way that they both suffer from mental illness or substance abuse, and they also both spent most of their lives on the streets. The police still don’t have a suspect in custody, but they did release pictures of the male that is a person of interest. It is advised that people walking at night in the dark should stay in groups and not wonder off alone or with a person they barely know. They also do need to look over their shoulder or behind them because those who don’t will more likely be the next victims as said in the article. However, I believe that there should be more security for places that are known as “sketchy” or unsafe. Also, when walking at night, “there is safety in numbers”. One should never walk outside in the dark alone, I believe that someone walking alone is more likely to be a victim that someone walking with many friends.  Here’s the link to the full story:

When it comes to new power, I believe that it will help people get aware of what is actually going on in this world. People are ignorant, they don’t necessarily want to believe in bad things or that people can be that cruel. So, the world needs to face reality, they need to know what’s going on so that they can be more aware and more safe. With new power, they can learn how to protect themselves or how to avoid danger. I believe that this is how new power can affect the issue; we have to look at it as a positive thing.


First off I would like to say that i enjoyed your article. I was not aware of this issue even though it is happening in our country.

This is something that people should really be aware of because its the human life that is at risk here. Anyone who is not careful enough or does not take this danger seriously can be the victim.

This issue applies to Teleological Ethics and consequently utilitarianism. Teleological perspective of ethics looks at the issue depending only on its consequences and utilitarianism looks at the issue as the greater good in greater numbers.

I think if people know that some people have been killed, they would be more careful towards this issue. Even though we know in the back of our minds that unfortunately people get killed often in the world, we sometimes don’t seem to take it very seriously because it didn’t happen to us. However,t when we see in the news that someone got killed somewhere close to us, it makes us think more and makes us think that it could happen to us as well.

Therefore, I believe that even though four people have been killed, knowing this will make people to be more careful and take less risks. It will help to avoid more deaths in the future by making more people to be aware of the issue and that is why this could be interpreted as utilitarianism.

You raise a very important question about safety and how the government can help us feel more protected. This is an important story that I was unaware about and now that these types of stories are released for society to see, it is important to use it for our advantage.
The argument you’re explaining is a very utilitarian approach. You believe that society has the right to know in order to protect itself from danger. For a utilitarian, acting upon the greater good for the greatest number of people is justified as good because it looks at the outcome. It choose to act upon what will bring the greatest good and in terms of this situation, informing people about the killings will provide many with protection. Knowing these things allow us to be aware of what is going on and reevaluate the things we do. Seeing on the news that someone has died helps us reflect on what could happen to us personally, which hopefully results in a better, protected society. Human life is at risk and if the greatest number of people is aware, they can all be more careful, which could potentially slow the number of deaths.
Therefore, using a Utilitarian approach from Teleology, choosing to act upon what could potentially be the better outcome for society may result in building a better world. It is best to know what is happening in our world and protect ourselves than to wonder innocently unprotected.