Together, we can make the difference

by Amelie E-D on April 27, 2015 - 3:20pm

Together, we can make the difference


Original Title: Doctors to prescribe monkey bars over medication

Date of publication: April 22nd, 2015

Author: James Foster


Everybody in this world can make a difference. The new power is there to help us. We are all responsible for our new world. The new power is the way we can change things in using different methods to create a better place to live. We have to learn that it is important to cooperate, but also sometimes to work by ourselves. The only way we can achieve our goals all together is by collective participation, but also with perseverance.


The problem of being sedentary is present everywhere around the world and we can use the new power to change this. Here in Quebec, a man helps us to fight against this problem and in the past week, he did something that will maybe change the Quebec and maybe the world in a near future. Quebec’s Federation of General Practitioners teamed with the Grand Defi Pierre Lavoie, an organization that Pierre Lavoie is responsible of and decided to have a new system of prescription: general practitioners can now prescribe physical activity in a more concrete aspect. Even Dr. Godin finds this is a beneficial union: "At this moment, the family physician prescribes physical exercise for the patient but it's important to have a specific way to prescribe, to know it's like any medication. It's probably better than any medication because you have no side effects and all the benefits’’. Before this union, they could prescribe this, but people do not necessarily had objectives to reach, so they did not really understand why they were doing it. The new concept linked with the Grand Defi Pierre Lavoie is pretty easy to understand. People will get energy cubes to do. Each cube represent 15 minutes of exercises. Depending on what they have, they will get, as a prescription, a certain amount of cubes to do. They have to compile those cubes of energy and the objective with that is to keep all the families active together. Every 15 minutes that is completed by each member of the family is counted as one energy cube, so if they are three and they all do a 15 minutes bike together, they can count three energy cubes. At the end of the year, the Grand Defi Pierre Lavoie counts the number of energy cubes in every school in Quebec and they determine a winning school. I personally find this idea really amazing and it will certainly help everybody. The objective is to promote the sports in schools, but not only for the children, also for the family and people around them. It is a good thing that Quebec’s Federation of General Practitioners is now linked with the Grand Defi because it will encourage everybody to do physical activity and not only the family with children.