Ninth Circuit rules Arizona county police engaged in racial profiling

by audreylegault on April 21, 2015 - 12:00am

Laura Degeer wrote in the Jurist on April 16th that after long debates, the US court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has ruled that Sheriff Joseph Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has demonstrated actions that were consistent with racial profiling when conducting traffic stops.

Racial profiling is a recurring problem found in police departments. This has brought numbers of debates in the US. Last year, the UN Committee Against Torture requested that the United States investigated all case where there was “police brutality or excessive use of force by police”. The committee demonstrated their concern over these problems and the use of racial profiling by law enforcement. Also, in 2013, the American Civil Liberties Union actually accused different “governmental surveillance centers” to invade the privacy and of targeting groups that fitted certain racial or religious groups in their Suspicious Activity Reports. They urged these centers “adopt stricter standards of reporting”.

I think it is an important step for a part of the American government to recognize and condone racial profiling in law enforcement. For a long time, the justice system would be lenient towards police officers who committed wrongful acts. Not too long ago, after the death of Michael Brown, Darren Wilson faced a grand jury that was deemed controversial and walked free. It is important to remember the justice should prevail, even if it indicts a police office.