New Power

by celine.m on April 27, 2015 - 7:39pm

The myth about exercise being the only thing to do in order to combat obesity is in fact a misconception. According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine exercising only plays a small key in the attempt to counter being obese. However, sugar and carbohydrates are the culprit’s. As stated by a London cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra, the food industry is the one to blame because they are supporting people’s belief that exercising can reduce the harmful effects of unhealthy foods. They have been encouraging people to limit their calorie intake however the calories consumed are the ones that matter the most. A balanced healthy diet is what’s important. There are unhealthy foods low in calories and healthy foods high in calories. The important thing is eating right. If someone is obese, the right thing to do is to eat less but in a healthier way.  Doctor’s are concerned that people think that they can eat whatever they want as long as they are exercising. This is unrealistic. According to Dr. Malhotra ‘‘that is unscientific and wrong. You cannot outrun a bad diet’’ (Triggle)


Another factor that leads to unhealthy lifestyles is these celebrity endorsements promoting unhealthy foods such as sugary drinks. This needs to stop. They are promoting these products just as they were advertising tobacco back in the days. As a matter of fact “New Power” could affect this issue. New Power is a changing sense of human agency. It’s ‘’people’s appetite and capacity to participate. They need to craft and shape aspects of their lives’’ (Heimans). People need to realize that the foods that they are promoting are unhealthy. They need to take their lives into their own hands and promote and envision a healthy way of living. Famous people are using their name and fame for the wrong reasons. They need to use their conscience and realize that they are influencing the young generation in an inaccurate way.  They have so much power and influence that can change someone’s perspective. I believe that they, with the help from all of us, can make a change in this world regarding healthy habits.