Loud Protests Against Austerity

by Raya on January 26, 2015 - 10:27pm

Last semester, Champlain College students did a vote to determine if Cegep students were to go on strike to protest on the streets of Montreal against austerity.

Despite Champlain College's opposing decision, more than 10 000 people walked on the streets of Montreal on October 31st  , on Halloween. People of all kind, students and workers, were reunited to display their disagreement against austerity, proposed by Quebec’s Prime Minister Philippe Couillard. The strike was held in front of Couillard’s office between McGill Avenue and Sherbrooke street,  where organizations such as the ASSÉ, Quebec’s most important student organization, and the CCMM-CSN, the Conseil central du Montreal Metropolitain du CSN, were on location. The government plans on 3 billion dollars in budget cutsin health care and education because “the austerity measures are absolutely necessary” for Quebec’s economy. As a thematic to the protest, many were costumed for the occasion as ghosts, goblins, princesses, vampires and more.

A worker in the public sector claims that “It’s hell for workers in the public sector, who put their hearts and their skills to the service of us all, who are confronted with the effects of this opportunistic policy.”Also, a studentdeclares that she wants to “defend [her] futures and defend [her] values” as students and workers in the public sector have been struggling with money for the past few years. Workers obtain a salary that is lower than what they deserve and hospitals are reducing their beds because of budgetary problems. Also, students struggle when they finish university because they start their lives drowning in their debts. In the end, current and future workers are not even secure about whether the government will guarantee them a great retirement because the government is also planning on reducing their budgets on retirees. 

We should fight for our rights and protest against austerity because it affects all of us. The government reduces their budget in the most important sectors of the society which will slow down the society’s advancement. This budgetary cut will increase the number of people who cannot continue to undergraduate education for monetary reasons, reduce the access to health care for everybody and not guarantee a good aftermath for retired people. Loud protests will make the government change their mind which will convince them to put on more importance to education and health. We, citizens, should not give up and we should keep protesting for our rights to be preserved.

We will not be left behind. Let’s make our voice heard. Let’s refuse austerity.

This article was originally taken by “Anti-austerity protest in Montreal draws tens of thousands” written by Monique Muise on October 31st 2014 in Montreal Gazette. http://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/1101-city-anti-austerity

Montreal Gazette is a reliable source because it is the most important English newspaper in Quebec, with qualified journalists to introduce us into breaking news and important subject matters.