Legalization/Decriminalization of marijuana: How research from economics, sociology and politics work can help improve the issue

by samp on April 14, 2015 - 11:10pm

New polls among the American population suggest that a majority of Americans is in favor of legalizing cannabis for recreational purpose. In fact, 53% are favorable (Pew Research Survey). The favorable view regarding marijuana legalization seems to be trendy in United States because more and more people are favorable to the issue. Especially, teenagers and young adults are clearly liberal on this issue as more than 2/3 of teenagers are in favor of legalization (Pew Research Survey). Furthermore, people changing their opinions on the issue seem to opt in favor of the legalizing side rather than the opposite. Even citizens in states that legalized weed last year, such as Colorado, are still backing up the idea demonstrating that the situation is not chaotic in the process of making it legal. The wave of legalizing cannabis is hitting almost every state as more citizens can voice their opinions in ballots or referendums.

i. The issue that inspire me to write on this topic is the legalization of cannabis in many American states, especially Colorado. Reading pros and cons of making weed legal will help understanding why states are legalizing such drugs after decades of being at war with these substances. The story that brought inspiration is the aftermath of legalization in Colorado and the effects it had on the economy, crime rate, drug quality and consumption etc.

ii. Is legalizing marijuana a good thing for society?

iii. Economics and finance:  explain policies that are better for society, what are consumption patterns, why it is profitable or not etc. and it is explained by a theoretical and statistical approach. It relates to legalization of weed by explaining the economic impact ton society and either or not is it profitable on a monetary standpoint.

Sociology: leads to the ‘’ understanding of social structures and processes’’, and analyses human patterns, behaviors and interactions. This will help to assess the consequences of legalization and the impact on society such as crime rate, degree of consumption etc. and it effects on different group.

Political science: teaches how the world is, and expresses the impact of different political groups and interests. It can be useful in this case to demonstrate the balance of power between states, federal government, population, drug policies and the impacts it had on different groups.

iv.  These disciplines will help discuss the impact of legalization on drugs in certain states from three different perspectives providing important information to the idea of making cannabis legal.